Slipstream TweakUI in XP

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How do I slipstream TweakUI in XP?


I tried putting the TweakUiPowertoySetup.exe file into HFSVCPACK_SW1 and HFSVCPACK_SW2, but if pauses the install process waiting for user feedback - making my unattended install not so unattended.


Anyone know the solution to this?


Thanks in advance!


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Ummmm, NO! You can't install it that way (NOT a HotFix).

Create a CMD with this "stuff" in it and put the execution of the CMD inside CMDLINES.TXT (within the $OEM$ folder).

Here's the reference ("find" on string "tweak" in the following link) -



-OR- this -

tweakuipowertoysetup.exe /S /v/qn


-OR- look at this reference (also "find" on "tweak") -





P.S. Simple Google on "tweakuipowertoysetup.exe silent" (without quotes)


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I tried the "tweakuipowertoysetup.exe /S /v/qn" but it didn't work.


I ended up extracting the TweakUI.exe file from the installer and wrote a CMD file to have it and a shortcut placed where I wanted it.


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Hmmm... I see the problem now. TWO versions -

v 2.00 for RTM

v2.10 for SP1 and above
I will -assume- that you tried it with the v2.10. There's a VBS to add it to the Control Panel, which is where the -original v2.00- placed the link.
Here's a reference to make the VBS -totally- silent, also if you understand the VBS, the REG entry is inside it.





Note - for posterity, if nothing else. Kelly's Korner has been abandoned along with XP and MS' links. The above still work. In addition, the link for the Power Toys must be found on Web Archive.

This is the original MS link -


Kelly's Korner (abandoned) links -





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