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ATI 9200SE driver for 98SE please

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Hi all, thanks for running this great site!


My issue:

Got an old PIII rig Asus P3B-F and would like to install a Powercolor 9200SE which I got from flea market. The card is running quite nice with W2K, but I can´t seem to find a driver for W98SE.


The card is this one: http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=RC92LE-C

There was a driver CD with files for W98 so it seems, but I`m clueless how to find anything.


Can you help, please?


This is how things are looking in W2K:




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Is it a 9200SE or a 9250?


This should do:



But try also yourself from here:


both the 9200 and 9250 choice leads to the same "Catalyst" drivers.


These are the "generic" ATI drivers, I don't think that Powercolor had "peculiar" drivers, most probably they shipped the card with an earlier version, like the 5.2:







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Thanks for caring!

The first link is the cure for my issue.

PCB says G92LE but TuneUp is right with 9250. As you said, same driver anyways.


I actually stumbled across v. 6.3 last night and the driver seems to work so far.

Sadly there are no settings for wide screen in the W98 package - W2K ATI drivers do handle TFT widescreen correctly.

There won´t be a cure for that, I presume? (Except for acquiring a 4:3 display) :)


I´ll give the wme-8-03-98-3-050117a-021000e.exe a whirl too maybe, awesome - so many old FTP sites still alive.

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Cannot say if it applies, but this may help with that (or completely fail to):


I don't know if the "EDID override method works (or works the same) in 9X.


Another attempt that you may want to try could be using the VBEMP:


but if you can manage with the help of CRU (or with other methods) to use the "native" drivers is usually preferred.




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Many thanks for the pointers!


CRU does not seem to work here, it quits with an error.

VBEMP would work, but does not offer any improvements over the 6.2 ATI package.

The missing options in VBEMP let me suspect that the display does not report its correct capabilities in W98SE.

A (wrongly) recognized square panel with 1680x1680 dots would not need wide screen settings, obviously.

That said, I´m afraid its rather a hardware/firmware issue than driver related.

The Omega package does not offer widescreen either, BTW.




Tinkering with the drivers somehow enabled the scaling option in the monitor´s settings.

As it is, I can have correct aspect ratio in W98 and thus in Fusion_PC 3.0 (which is the main reason for setting up W98) so I can live with what I got.

Lets hope things remain as they are after cold start. ;)

I´ll try another wide screen display the next days, to see how I fare.


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