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Rollback RX Now Free For XP Users ... Sort of !

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I just came across information from Horizon DataSys ... the company that makes RollBack RX, a really good recovery program, not free of course. They do make Reboot Restore RX, which is free to use.


The new program is for XP users only, since MS dropped the OS in April. The new program is called RollBack XP and I'm reading it's completely free.


No XP User Left Behind


May 21, 2014


... this is the last part of the article:


We thought that if we released our freeware Reboot Restore RX as a SteadyState alternative last year, then why not do the same thing for the Windows XP lockdown? Reboot Restore RX was a big success in terms of the number of downloads we got. It really helped users out who needed a quick fix with a simple restore upon reboot functionality. The community really ended up benefiting from this software, and it helped us improve our premier products, RollBack RX and Drive Vaccine as well!


So, if you want to protect Windows XP on your machine and not have to upgrade to a new OS, then have no fear, RollBack XP is here! The client will be available for download from our website next week.




There is one limitation that I know off, you can only take 10 snapshots ... but that's not really a problem ... that's plenty ... if not, just go back to the Baseline backup and start over with new snapshots would probably work.


 RollBack XP Removes the Need for Costly Industry-Wide OS Upgrades


There are many data recovery software tools that are available for Windows, but there is nothing that is catered to Windows XP specifically now that there is a support lockdown for the OS. RollBack XP fixes this issue by providing a 10-snapshot, 1-baseline solution for instant recovery. It functions just like RollBack RX, but the freeware version can only take up to 10 snapshots. There will be an option to upgrade to a paid version and have an unlimited number of snapshots as well. This all makes RollBack XP an ideal recovery solution for XP.


RollBack XP


... I have not tried it yet.

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Just wanted to add a few things to my first post ... it's already long enough so I will start a new one.


Years ago when I was still with Windows 98SE, I bought the program Go Back to use, since there was no System Restore program with 98. It was OK but I never really liked it, it was always working (running) ... wasted my money.


After I switched to XP, I used System Restore but it never seem to work for me in "crunch time" ... fortunately I was already into DVD image backups at the time, so I always had that option to completely start over clean.


However, installing image backups usually takes some time to complete, not a terrible amount of time but when I came across Rollback RX and discovered that a "fresh install" only took about a minute or two, I picked up a copy.


It's really good for a quick return to a former Snapshot or to the Baseline shot ... really great for trying out software or researching a problem ... over and over.


It is still necessary for a good, clean image backup, since Rollback RX or Rollback XP would be useless in a hard drive failure.


You probably should also have System Restore turned off ... you would no longer need it anyway ...

also do a really good image backup ... clean off all useless junk and whatever you no longer need, then do a system Defrag (that's always my last step) ... make the image backup and then install Rollback XP and you can always return quickly to that point and "start over" ... I don't do very many snapshots, if at all ... I just always go back to the Baseline shot and do any updates and create a new Baseline shot, but a regular snapshot might be better then you don't mess up the original Baseline shot ... Flash, Shockwave, my Favorites List, Hosts file, Event Viewer log ... anything you want to clean or update and then make a new Baseline. Remember, do a Defrag before installing Rollback RX or Rollback XP ... you really can't do that anymore once you install Rollback, so I have read ... Rollback will do it's own Defrag automatically after so many snapshots ... four or five snapshots I think will trigger Rollback to do a Defrag.


It's just important to get a good clean image backup, the way you want it or what could be called a "Factory CD" ... like I got from Packard Bell with my first computer in 1998. Then you install Rollback and get a "near perfect" image to always go back to quickly just to start fresh every so often ... if your hard drive goes bad then you have the homemade Factory CD or DVD ... I get everything on one DVD today ... used to be a CD or two with Windows 98SE.


Hope this is of some help ... it can be a lot of work to get that perfect image backup, looking for junk in every "nook and cranny", cleaning the registry, then defrag the registry, then a registry backup with ERUNT, if you want to ... then the final complete Defrag. However, it's worth the effort and then you are always finished with that, unless you add more software or find stuff you missed from before or have some new settings.


In June I finally achieved that perfect backup (so far) ... I thought I had done so in April and May but I found some hidden junk and logs that I had missed ... I keep a list of problems to fix for the next backup, so far I have found nothing. Of course, you will always have updates ... Flash, Shockwave ... if you want those ... SpywareBlaster, MS Money, Favorites List additions or removes and other stuff but those only take maybe 30 minutes to do.


RollBack XP Now Released - Freeware Resurrects the Windows XP Operating System


Monday, June 16, 2014


Horizon DataSys announces today, the official release of its' RollBack XP software. RollBack XP is offered as a freeware utility, that is designed to lockdown and secure the Microsoft's Windows XP operating system.


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Okay, there are some points to clarify here:



Yes, the fact that Rollback XP only allows up to 10 snapshots can be seen as a limitation, but then remember that it is a freeware. Other solutions being offered by Microsoft would cost you like $200 per computer to protect them….



“It is still necessary for a good, clean image backup, since Rollback RX or Rollback XP would be useless in a hard drive failure”.



True, however, the guys at Horizon are coming out with a new version of Drive Cloner RX. This is a cloning software that will enable you to take an image of your system (snapshots included), and export your snapshots in case you get a physical failure on your hard drive.



“Remember, do a Defrag before installing Rollback RX or Rollback XP ... you really can't do that anymore once you install Rollback, so I have read ... “



Not true. You can defrag after installing Rollback, but it is not really recommended. It is important to point out that the software itself comes with its own defragmenter, which would then render the other useless. You can read more about defragmentation from the guys at Horizon Datasys themselves:

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