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How to create a patch/fix for any language?

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Hello, I'm Japanese 9x fan. (My english is wrong... )

Well, I have a question about patch/fix.


I found that the patch has been created abroad.

But, there isn't fix/patch for Japanese 9x users.


So, I think I should create fix/patch "myself".


However, I ask a question for that.


1. Complete update list doesn't exist?

-> I found http://www.mdgx.com/upd98me.php and http://www.msfn.org/...r-windows-98se/ .

    but these may be obsolete or stopped maintenance.


2. how to make "highly‐developed replacement" fix/patch? For example: U891711



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I have no clue, really.


However, I found a cross-reference for Languages here -



Please note that the one you specified is an UNOFFICIAL one! That means MS did NOT issue it but it was "assembled" by an MSFN (probably) member!


Using "web.archive.org" any MS Bulletin (e.g. http://www.microsoft...n/MS05-002.mspx) may be redirected to your language thusly -


See the inserted Language?

Any Download -may- have the following changed (the appended language) e.g. -




Any KB article -may be changed thusly -

anywhere "en-us" is in the website address just change to "ja-ja"


In that particular case (Q891711/KB891711), it specifically states that the Update would have to come from MS Updates. In other words, those listed as downloadable (if they still exist) were obtained (probably) by members and assembled accordingly.


Sorry, but that's the best it gets. You're WAY too late to get any help, since many/most downloads have been obliterated from the MS website, as is many/most articles/downloads for anything LESS than Windows Vista. You see, Microsoft is "cleaning house" right now.


HTH and, again, Sorry :no:


edit - and read this -


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Oh, I made mistake..


Fix/Patch means unofficial patch.

I couldn't find how to make existing fix/patch.


For Example: MDGx didn't write how to make his patch.



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If the patch is simple, this might work:


Compare the patch to the original, then use a hex editor to make the same changes in the Japanese version.


Or compare the Japanese version to the original version, then use a resource editor to make the same changes to the patch.

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As I had said the Articles via Web Archive says you MUST use Windows Update to get the fix. And MS Update for Win9x/ME is GONE!

See Web Archive (faq section) -



Take a look here also -



Also read this post and the following one.



IOW, the files are no longer available. Worse, they are "modded" (unofficially).


From my "copy" of the ANI Cursor fix README.TXT


The author of this fix prefers to remain anonymous.

This Fix installs these 2 files into %windir%\SYSTEM [%windir% = usually
- Windows 98 SE:
USER32.DLL 4.10.2233
USER.EXE 4.10.2233

This is from the "U891711". Here is the topic -



There's -another- one (-entirely- different) called "KB891711" that runs as a "service". Contents are "KB891711.EXE" and "Q891711.DLL" (both inside the "fix" package" along with REG entries to cause the Service to run. And FWIW, (believe it or not) here's the link to this one (English)


As you can see, there's a "generated" filename, so just changing the language won't "fix" the download. Note that this is the Windows Update website address.


In addition, if you look at this (Unofficial SE Service Pack)

You'll see this

3.0 Beta 1

+ Added KB891711, KB918547 files for only WindowsUpdate, but they are not active.

3.0 Alpha 1

! Replaced KB891711.EXE + Q891711.DLL with USER.EXE + USER32.DLL [U891711, 4.10.2233].

Basically, you're asking for Japanese versions of obsolete/modified Fixes. Generally speaking, we're -extremely- lucky to have access to English fixes (e.g. the last Autopatcher/UBCD). Unofficial 98SE SP3 is also -just- English.


HTH (although not really) :(

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I "CAN" get official update for JP.

Someone wrote all official fixes. So, Current official fix/patch for JP is OK.

So, Official fix/patch (for JP) isn't gone.

I'm sorry for I didn't write it....







2. how to make "highly‐developed replacement" fix/patch? For example: U891711

I'll explain in different words.


I want to a create a unofficial update.

Because, there is no update for Japan.

If some update is diverted updates for XP / 2000, I can diverted from the Japan version the same way as it.

But, U891711 seems like It is the remodeling at the binary level.

And, I don't know how to make the "Time Zone Update".


I want to know how to create these "complicated" unofficial update.

(Incidentally, I know how to create rootsupd for 9x. )

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Yes, as I said an -anonymous- person patched it. I only have the "patched" versions (AFAIK) so I can't help you on the Binary Compare. :( I'm not really sure if MDGx would be able to help you, but you could try (IM in MSFN or maybe try the eMail link on his website's main page).


As for the Time Zone Update, those are -strictly- Registry changes (AFAIKR), so just getting the English-Text fix and "translating" them to JA and reconstructing the Installer should do it. In fact, I believe :unsure: that one or two TZ Changes (TZEDIT.EXE does them) have occured since the "unofficial" ones listed in AutoPatcher. They're undoubtedly in the Unofficial 98SE SP3 though.




P.S. glad you found the JA fixes (the links).


edit - How long do you have to attempt to read an English topic? Some of your answers may lie within this -


Another reference to "patches", with a couple of links which -MAY NOT WORK-


In particular -this- one which has be -REMOVED- from MSFN (intentionally) by a Super-Moderator (do -not- ask why!) http://www.msfn.org/...-46-t88008.html


Also you say "complicated". The person/persons who ALTERED a given module usually does that with a Hex Editor and not a "patcher" (AFAIK). Bear in mind -most- "unofficial" fixes are not -altered- but simply modules from a -newer/different- OS (e.g. XP in the case of IE6SP1 fixes) that were simply "transplanted" into an Installer. Another example is using a WinME Explorer.exe (ref. 98SE2ME "patches").


EDIT2! This is the -latest- Versions I could find referenced on MS website and it says that this is a REQUESTED Hotfix: http://support.micro...om/kb/291362/ja


edit3 (sigh...) another reference to said Patched Modules (scroll through) -


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