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Flash Player Problems

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I've known about KernelEx for a long time. Tried it once or twice, but never really
went down the road far enough to see if my copy of 98SE could be updated.

After making the usual backups, I installed a newer version of JRE which went fine.
K-Meleon, my favorite browser seems to manage the new plugin with no problems.

If you're not familiar, K-Meleon is very lean Mozilla style browser (Gecko Engine) that
loads web pages fast.

The problem I do have is Adobe Flash. After setting KernelEx to XP_SP2 the install
worked, but right at the end where is says "Done" the box froze and had to be
terminated with the Task Manager. Again, K-Meleon recognized the new flash
plugin. I used the installer for Flash Player_v10.3.181.14 (non-ie browsers).
Without KernelEx you're stuck with version 9. Maybe I should have tried version
11 or 12. Most streaming sites will work with version 10.

When the flash plugin tries to load I get "illegal operations" several times, Finally,
the browser must be terminated and restarted.

I've already rolled back my system before the flash player install.

Is there a non-ie version of Flash Player that might work?

A foolish thought I guess, but it's a shame there aren't good alternatives to
Adobe Flash. There are a few open source projects, they don't seem very


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:hello: I seem to remember that K Meleon and Flash was already discussed here. Maybe it's a known problem.

What version of K Meleon is it? The Flash Player should be installed with default compatibility options.

What compatibility mode you chosen to run K Meleon? Did you try to paste the NPSWF32.dll into the plugin folder, too?

And don't use different versions of the Flash Player in the Macromedia Flash folder and k Meleons plugin folder.

The ATL.DLL must be updated for Flash 10.1 and higher.


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