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nLite and Unofficial Updates.

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I have a full Windows 2000 ISO, and I am planning on using nLite to customize it. One thing I would have a good use for on Windows 2000 is unofficial updates. In particular, blackwingcat's Extended Kernel and Unofficial Updates Rollup 2 (combines official updates). These would allow me to benefit from features such as newer programs, and better compatibility with hardware.


So, getting down to it, how do I use Unofficial Updates with nLite?


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I don't know about BWC's (haven't looked at it) but see this -


Put the files in the standard place as if they're from MS, one would assume. Do them in the order specified here -





edit - and I'd be careful about "customizing" - you -might- "break" something. Test the results in a VM first.

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nLite has problems with integrating updates that add new files to the Windows source.

HFSLIP can do that but the real issue is that it's impossible for these programs to know where those new files are supposed to be installed to. I haven't really used nLite for a long time but as far as I can remember, it refused to integrate those updates at all. HFSLIP just puts all unknown files into %systemroot%\system32 and dllcache which in my opinion is actually quite a decent solution, although it fails when those files need to go to different folders. That's why you use folders like HFSVCPACK_SW1 for some unofficial updates (like MS RDP 5.2 for Windows 2000) since this way the MS hotfix installer is able to place the files into the correct folders.

My advice would be to integrate everything with HFSLIP and then use nLite for customisation. That's what I used to do in the past.


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