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For about the last ten days or so, I have been getting this message  "Your Imap Server Closed the Connection"

Then there are two boxes, OK,  and Details. Under this there are two additional messages. Cannot display the folder, Cannot connect to the server. If I click on the OK a few times, all is well. I can send and receive messages. But sometimes I need to close Outlook and restart it. This Imap message usually appears when I first open Outlook, although it has happened when I opened a different folder, after outlook was already open.  I called to my Internet provider and they tell me all the settings are fine, that it is an Outlook problem. I googled the message, and tried several of the fixes, but no luck. I even did  that REPAIR to Office 2010, still no luck. Any suggestions ?? I am condidering upgrading to Microsoft Office 2013, which has Outlook 2013...would that correct my problem for sure, or could I still have the same message about IMAP closing the connection etc.  Thanks, Mike

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There's a bugfix in Windows Update that seems to apply to this today:  KB3055041


My suggestion:  Never consider Office 2013.  I trashed my subscription to it (Office 365) and bought an Office 2010 license.  It was like an upgrade to go back to the old version - no lie.




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