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Changing parameters of Win7 partition?

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I have two partitions on a 128GB SSD. 1st partition used to be my primary, boot partition (XP), but I could also boot Win7 on 2nd partition.


I had to reinstall Win7 on  2nd part, and it has now been set to be the "start" partition.


Is it possible, and how would I do it if I want to make part1 the "start" partition? I mostly use XP only because Outlook Express is the only newsreader I like:)


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Sure it is possible :).

You will need to go back and re-read the old thread:



But right now you should have on your first partition (the one containing XP):

  • grldr
  • BOOTMGR <- maybe or maybe not :unsure:
  • \boot\BCD <- maybe or maybe not :unsure:


And on the second one (the one containing the Windows 7 - provided that it has been made active):

  • \boot\BCD


In order to verify that everything is fine, you may want to copy from the root of first partition the files:



to the root of second partition.


Reboot and you should have now a choice between Windows 7 and grub4dos.


Please verify/confirm the above and I will guide you through the commands/changes needed.



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Fine jaclaz, all files have survived. Booting as it is now, I get the choice you describe. So I guess I am ready for the next step.


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Good. :)


So, most probably your booting now is:

MBR->Bootsector of Active partition (2nd one)->BOOTMGR (on 2nd partition)->\boot\BCD+BOOT.INI (just added to 2nd partition)-> Either Windows 7 or grub4dos


To make sure this is the case, you should boot, choose grub4dos and press "c" t get to a command prompt.

At it type:

root (hd0,0)


this will establish root to first partition (I am assuming that the SSD iis first disk on the system, as it usually is).

Then issue:

chainloader +1





this chainloads the bootsector of the first partition and you should be at the same \boot\BCD choices you had before the reinstall (the one comprising XP, 7 and grub4dos).


Verify by rebooting that all choices boot fine.


If they do, all you have to do is to re-access the grub4dos command line and issue the commands:

makeactive --status (hd0,1)


this will allow you to check that the currently active partition is the 2nd one.

then issue:

makeactive (hd0,0)


this will make the First partition active, and at next reboot you will be booting "as before".




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I've been offline waiting for a replacement for a defect modem that died during a thunderstorm here.


Yes, I've found that all is well with the system, I get the options


Previous system - boots XP on 1st SSD partition

Windows 7 - boots Win7 (Home ed) on 2nd partition.



I have two other disks on the system but I don't think any of them have a working OS.


I believe the sensible thing for me to do now is to replace the Home Edition with a Windows 7 Professional Edition - the drive where I had Win7P before broke down.


If that's what I do I shouldn't need to do anything, just leave the grub4dos option just in case I'd want to use it later.


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