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SATA Cards are generally not recognized by Windows 9x so they run in compastability mode and you can install 9x and provide the Driver later assuming there is one.

Motherboard SATA Controllers are recognized incorrectly by the default Windows software so you are likely to crash before you can provide a Driver assuming one even exists. Most Motherboard SATA Controllers have no available 9x Drivers.

Inserting the Driver into the Setup process, or an even more complicated procedure, is mandatory for the few that do.


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Also, if you have modern hardware it would probably be easier just to run Win9x on DOSBOX.

Thanks, I had no knowledge of this. What are the advantages of DosBox compared to other Virtual software?


Been there, seen it, laughed, deleted.


On the DOSBOX Homepage, they describe Win98SE compatibility as extremely unstable, and very slow.

They recommend against it.


I have run W98SE in VMWare, VirtualBox and MS Virtual PC.


There it runs fine, as long as you do not need graphic acceleration (DirectX/OpenGL), which is not supported for W98SE in either.


As for me it's about old games that require DX9.0c and EAX 2.0 at least (not speaking of horesepower, Video-memory for high resolution, you name it), only hardware will do it.


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anyone else that actually has a sata pci adapter that boasts 98 support have any realworld experience..?


Me. I'm booting my fastest rig with a 60GB SATA SSD from a PCI add-in card with a VIA VT6421 chipset. VT6421A would work as well.

That chipset has the best driver-support, as it works from W9x to W10.

I have my SATA-DVD hooked to that controller as well.

I have a multi-boot configuration, and my XP Pro and W10 (and soon my Kali Linux) boot from the onboard ICH9R chipset in AHCI mode.


- All systems BUT W98SE have native trim, NCQ, and all that luxury because of AHCI.


- RLoew delivers software that enables TRIM on W98SE, which i do not have with the add-in card, so my W98SE-SSD will age a bit faster.

- needs one more PCI-slot, which sometimes is hard to get

- RLoews solution is a bit cheaper, although not much, though.

- more hassle while installing those systems.


I recommend against the SIL controllers, i have one, it was awkward at times, and is not fully supported on modern OSes.


Just my 2ct.


Cheers, Ragnar G.D.


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