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Windows 10 - First Impressions

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As someone who has also developed a lot of skills in knowing what they're looking at, I see no evidence that Microsoft has become capable of delivering Windows Updates of a quality level worthy of "primary utility" status.  In fact, given their willingness to use Windows Update as a tool for shill delivery, lacking documentation, and the greater incidence of recent reports of broken systems, I'd have to judge that they're heading in just the opposite direction.


Note that the Business Ring is published to delay updates for some time (months?) so that the [worthless] public will have the opportunity to find and report the alpha and beta level bugs, thereby preventing [slightly less worthless] business customers from having to deal with them directly.  If that's not an admission that they're planning to deliver botched updates I don't know what is.


But our opinions differ on whether the general public of consumers will suddenly wake up from their media-induced stupor and begin to demand better quality when it stops working.  For those who can actually sense it's not working, I suspect they'll just drop their poorly-functioning or non-functional devices and go buy other ones.  I don't know of anyone who has anything bad to say about their cell phones, yet I don't believe I've ever had or overheard a cell phone conversation in which "I didn't catch that" or "you're breaking up" or "what? huh?" didn't happen.  It's not fashionable to complain about things not working.  You're labeled a hater if you do that.





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Well, but actually it is as well not fashionable to have non working apparata, so while it is entirely possible that the masses of people will just replace the devices, I believe they will then buy *something else*, and this in the end will produce an even worse level of failure.


The whole point that I completely fail understanding  :w00t:  is what actual advantage do the good MS guys expect from the "continuous updated" model when compared to the "classical" Patch Tuesday :unsure:.


As a side note, and probably not particularly relevant in terms of "large numbers" the (BTW IMHO stupid) new approach about BYOD:


may make the division between "business" and "the rest" more thin than expected.





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Thing is, no one will blame Mother Microsoft, because they have a huge budget for spin and hype.


Glitz sells.  Features are secondary.  "To work" may be an option.  Or not.


Consider all this Spartan BS.  What, exactly, does a "new browser" buy anyone?  They've turned a reduced-feature browser that (as far as I can tell) works much WORSE than Internet Explorer, into a "feature" that they have people salivating about.


There's really no way to educate consumers in this age of glitz and fashion.  We can talk all we want about it here, and we can see exactly what's happening, but unlike in fairy tales no one wants to hear the little boy exclaiming the Emperor has no clothes.




One thing that gives hope in this regard is the perception the public developed about Windows 8, despite the marketing budget and despite all the best efforts by Microsoft and its astroturf shills (as detailed in the Windows 8 Deeper Impressions thread) to create buzz around Win8. We are disappointed of course that Microsoft's response was to double down on turning Windows into a mobile OS, but they did sense the need to respond somehow -- and if they bash their heads against the wall once again, PC sales will start dropping even more dramatically than they have (no XP EOL to rescue them), at which point you can be sure that stockholders will take notice and their OEM partners will raise a ruckus.


As for Spartan/Edge, today I discovered something interesting and something annoying about the Print feature. When you go to print a Web page and access the print settings within Spartan, if you select "more settings" you get a loooong list of drop-down sizes under "Paper and quality." That's nice.


What is not so nice is that this list expands and shrinks horizontally as you scroll around. If you're using the scroll arrows to move up and down the list, the pointer comes off the scroll arrow (or, more accurately, the arrow comes off where the pointer is) and eventually the scrolling stops and you have to move the pointer back over the arrow. The fact that the arrows disappear after a brief period of inactivity increases the frustration factor.


Here are some screenshots to show what I mean by the drop-down list's widening and narrowing:











Incidentally, maybe @jaclaz can fill us in on what that "Envelope Italian" size might be.  ;)



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