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Forbidden Sound Blaster

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You want this:


It's the same file as MDGx has/had and is for SB0100.

(see the topic: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/115903-compilation-of-creative-sound-blaster-live-drivers-for-windows-9x/)

The INF to point to (if need be) is "VSB010X.INF"

The Downloader is (only way to get it) is safe to use. Just "No Thanks/Decline" all of the "offers", let it download (it puts the downloaded file into folder "C:\My Documents\Downloads"), Exit out of the Downloader at the end (routes you back to stupid DriverGuide to givi "feedback").


You'll have to unzip it to use the contents with (e.g.) 7-zip (free).



This may or may not be the Driver Package you need directly from Creative Labs:


I started from here, selected "Live!" on left and "Live! 5.1" on right, then selected "Windows 98 SE":


*Note1: The Driver from Creative self-expands then you need to run the "SBL51.EXE".

*Note2: It won't run/"expand" on my system since it "detects" whether the hardware is there or not.


HTH and please report back so the Driver problem part of this will/may be resolved.

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