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Not massively in your face bling. My setup is based around keeping the OS and toolbars useful and informative, but also small and out of the way. I also quite like purple.

Aero7 Square theme
7+ Taskbar Tweaker with the no-width limit setting enabled to make the taskbar only 34px wide
TClock Redux to get the date back after making the clock really small
Win 8.1 start orb recoloured to go light purple instead of blue when hovered.
Default Win8rp.png atlas re-coloured to purple.
TXMouse for Linux-like focus follows mouse that doesn't suck
MoveToDesktop for the handy titlebar menu
HWiNFO64 for the CPU temperature (GPU temperature appears above the CPU temp in nVidia green when Optimus kicks in)
Firefox is using TreeTab as it has the ability to remove the titlebar when maximised, and classic theme restorer for AeroGlass on the navbar, small icons, coloured icons etc.
Background was just a Google image search for "purple aurora", not sure who took it sorry!
Glass8, StartIsBack++, OldNewExplorer and Minibin, the usual!
Command prompt font is TerminusTTF, I also use it for PuTTY and Bash as it contains the PowerLine glyphs

And a custom AutoHotKey script that launches 2 virtual desktops filled with my startup apps, and keeps the entire thing hidden behind the wallpaper image and a progressbar rather than making you watch windows popping up and getting shuffled about and multiple desktop changes.

For some reason Cortana got re-enabled while I was taking the pics, that's normally removed.

Also DoubleSAnimations your Aero Retro theme is beautiful, is there any chance you could port it to Win10 RS2? I'd love to use it.



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Windows 10 anniversary 14393.447 Metro style :) 


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My current desktop set for personal use " Smoked Yoda Glass" :) 

Very happy for daily use 

Merry Christmas all ! 




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How Can i get theme like this i am on windows 10, 1607 build using aero glass 1.5.1

i want my windows to look like this

<blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/hDQ9M"><a href="//"></a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>


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