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Diamondmax 22 ST3500320AS

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Hi! I have this HDD with firmware MX15. The BIOS says that the size is 0MB and LBA Supported.

So, I tried the 0MB guide first with no luck.

F3 T>m0,2,2,,,,,22                  

LED:000000CC FAddr:0025BF67                           
LED:000000CC FAddr:0025BF67


Then I went through the next step for a busy state>




F3 T>/2       

F3 2>Z      

Spin Down Complete                  
Elapsed Time 0.144 msecs                        
F3 2>U      

Spin Up Complete                
Elapsed Time 11.241 secs                        
F3 2>/1       

F3 1>N1       

F3 1>/      

F3 T>m0,2,2,,,,,22                  

Error 1008 DETSEC 0000500E Process Defect List Error                                                    
R/W Sense 00000002, R/W Error 841C0087, List Offset 00000000, File Error 00000001


Then Ctrl+L>


F3 T>     
TetonST 2.0 SATA Moose Gen 3.0 (RAP fmt 10 ) w/sdff (RV )  Product FamilyId: 27, Membe                   HDA SN: 9QM8ZVPB, RPM: 7206, Wedges: 108, Heads: 4, Lbas: 3A386030, PreampType:6D 64     
PCBA SN: 00007918NX0Y, Controller: TETONST_2(639D)(3-0E-3-5), Channel: AGERE_COP                  PERHEAD_LITE, PowerAsic: MCKINLEY Rev 04, BufferBytes: 2000000                                             Package Version: MS0100.MXD1.AD090B., Package P/N: 100504103, Package Builder ID: 3K,     
Package Build Date: 01/16/2008, Package Build Time: 16:28:26, Package CFW Version: MS01.MXD1.00052452.3K00, Package SFW1 Version: B000, Package SFW2 Version: C0FE, Package SFW3 Version: C0FA, Package SFW4 Version: ---- Controller FW Rev: 01161628, CustomerRel: MX15, Changelist: 00052452, ProdType:MS01.MXD1, Date: 01/16/2008, Time: 162826, UserId: 00000761         Servo FW Rev: C0FE RAP Format Rev: 0092, Contents Rev: 15 05 11 08                                               
- Quadradic Equation AFH enabled                                
- VBAR with adjustable zone boundaries enabled                                              
- Volume Based Sparing enabled                              
- IOEDC enabled               
- IOECC enabled               
- DERP Read Retries enabled


Then hit a Ctrl+C>


F3 T>
Spinning Down

Spin Down Complete
Elapsed Time 10.573 secs
Delaying 5000 msec

Jumping to Power On Reset
Bogus ISR


Are there different commands for this HDD?


So what's hapening with this drive that can't be restored?


How to remove advertisement from MSFN

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