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HD reads as raw - need to convert to ntfs without loosing data

hd raw

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Have 2HD
Main is 500Gb, split in C: 250 (windows) + E: 250gb (personal data)
Second is 1Tb D:

Light whent out and when returned i couldn't acess both my drives
with the windows disks I formated the C: Drive and it became eligible allowing me to edit windows
E: was there, no changes, luckly saved my personal data
D: had problems, cant remember and i did a chkdisk. By then i could see files and folders but couldnt open
Chkdisk unmounted my drive and i couldn't acess it anyway
Only see an empty drive and when i click it gives the msg: "D:| is not accessible, drive is not accessible the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable"
Finaly found out it was in RAW format
Searching found out about testdisk, but I can't use it to recover my disk, even following the foruns and tuts. I can see the files on the HD with the app, but its 800GB, i don't even have a new drive to backup that
Tryed to rebuild BS but no write option appears


Trying DMDE now, seems my best luck

Please Help?
I need to change it from RAW to NTFS without loosing any data


Physical Drive 1 [1.00 TB]                      MBR            1.00 TB  [   T      ] LBA:  0               -  1 953 525 167   

EXTERNO 1TB                      Primary (A)    NTFS (07)      1.00 TB  [ E B C F  ] LBA:  63              -  1 953 520 064   
                                 surplus sector                2.61 MB  [          ] LBA:  1 953 520 065   -  1 953 525 167   
when I try to reconsctruct I get a lot of WinError 23: data error

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