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Windows 98 machine being a pill

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In case it's a driver problem, the Nvidia drivers that work best with W98SE on my dinosaur PIII with a 6200 AGP are the 77.72 .

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Edit: I'm having some major funked out issues....please delete my double posts!
Thanks for the tip, I didn't even see it because this thread is a bit glitched due to the forum having difficulties when I was posting last night, I don't even see the post I left drugwash last night either. I might look to see about that BIOS setting as well.

Sometimes computers do notice changes but I have run into this before where it doesn't always detect PCI and only looks for AGP and failing that, it goes to onboard which I don't like since I have it on a widescreen television and I need the 13--x768 capability which certain cards don't seem to support, or at least the drivers don't. But moving on from that. All the cards I put in are of lower specs, an NVidia Vanta with only 16MBs of RAM, a Matrox Millennium G400 with 32MBs of RAM, and now a current NVidia GeForce2 MX400 with 64MBs of RAM. All of which seem to run better. It's definitely not a power supply issue so to speak as something else is going on. It could even be a glitched install of Windows 98 now for all I know. I never used to mind reinstalling OSs on the whim but as I've aged I really don't like doing it as much anymore as it seems there's more to back up and then getting it all set up and going again later on. It's more work than I like sometimes. But it seemed the other computers I used this Nvidia Geforce 6200 in also had shutdown problems in 98 so I think that's always expected. I actually took the heatsink off the card today and noticed that the thermal compound wasn't smeared on as nicely as it should've been so I did move it around a bit. It was surprisingly liquidy as over time it just kinda hardens up. I haven't tested it since so I don't know if it could be getting a bit hot as well but I don't necessarily think that's the case. I'm not fond of it not having a fan on it even though it has a plug in which you could plug on in but for 256MBs of RAM, that's quite high not to have at least some bit of air cooling on it. At least that's my opinion.

I haven't booted the computer up at all today so I don't know what sort of mood it is in but the GeForce2 acts better in my opinion. I can't jack up the settings so much in my Zelda games like I could with the 6200, but it's still passable. I'd rather have something that works and is stable than something that'll poop out on me while doing something.

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