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DISM use causing User Service Failed The Logon error

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Cliff Clavin

Cliff Clavin
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I almost never post, so sorry for any issues with posting.


I am using the newest official MS Windows 8.1 Update 3 iso from November "en_windows_8.1_with_update_x64_dvd_6051480.iso" which I have hash checked and passed verification.


When I tried to integrate the remaining approx. 60 updates since Update 3 using Winreducer 8.1, it appears as if it is completely skips trying to integrate the updates into the wim file.


After several unsuccessful attempts, I thought perhaps Winreducer was not updated to be compatible with this newest iso so I decided to try integrating manually with DISM.


I have the newest ADK 8.1 Update installed and used the DISM included with it.


All the updates were reported as integrating successfully this way, so I saved a copy of the ISO with the replaced updated WIM in it using UltraISO and tried a fresh install.


Setup process appears to progress smoothly until near the end around first login, where I can not login due to "The User Service Failed The Logon" error.


I know this error can be fixed through using Safe Mode and registry edits, but I am trying to fix the root cause.


The original iso installs fine as would be expected, but every time i use DISM to update the iso I get this problem.  I tried several times using different groups of only 10 of the available 60 updates to eliminate the fact that it may be one or several updates that are causing the problem to manifest. Integrating even just 1 update would cause the error.


Thinking that perhaps UltraISO was causing the problem (which it never has before for me) I extracted the ISO using UltraISO and then recreated it using UltraISO. Even though the reassembled ISO had a different file size from the original, as long as the install.wim was not altered it would install error free.


Even if I simply used DISM to mount install.wim and did absolutely nothing to it while mounted, once I unmounted it using DISM, even though it would have the same file size as it did before mounting, as soon as I updated the ISO with it and tried a fresh install I would get the error. So to me it has to be something with DISM that is causing it.


ADK 8.1 Update was released right around Update 2 in Sept, so thinking that I may need a newer version of DISM from after Update 3 release, I have looked but have been unable to find anything newer.



Any help, ideas or links is great appreciated. Thanx



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I almost never post

Certainly, this is your first post! :w00t:




Moving topic to appropriate forum.

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