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Windows XP MCE with SP3

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I know this has been asked about hundreds of times, so I did some of my own sleuthing.


I found some extra relevant files to edit and integrate into the image.







My edits to medctroc.inf were probably the most dangerous. I was copying updated ehome files into a new cab and there were some different lines concerning the languages. Like this:

;Edit by Patrick - May 26, 2015
;End Edit

So I put both in, but I don't know if I should only include one or the other. The additions are from SP3.  I would like to know if anybody knows about this.


Also, I would have liked to upload all my edits in a zip file for your scrutiny, but my computer gave me the middle finger just now and my backups are gone, and nlite "optimized" the ones I copied into the install. I am really upset right now, way too upset to just recreate them, and will probably wait until tomorrow to sift through the mess I've made and try to recreate what should be right  there.


Anyway, in theory, I have not tested this yet, but MCE should be fully functional without any extra work. No shoving an M$ distributed MP10 in bare to patch the fact that SP3 purposely downgrades it to 9; I copied the necessary lines over into the appropriate files so User Mode Driver Framework is installed too. I had the updated files from hotfix rollup 2 and oct 2006 patched in. I've even edited the kernels to show a Media Center boot screen just for fun, and if it doesn't say MCE in the system information I have a workaround ready for that too.


Update: I am testing it now and the three files I added from wmfdist95 that where not already there failed to copy. I shall endeavor to recreate the original files and post them. If anyone knows about the requirements for xp to succesfully copy a file, I would appreciate the help.


Update2: Tests are finished. Nothing works. Lots of files are missing, and I blame nlite. I should not have tried testing with service pack and updates at once, but I bet nlite "optimized" some things out as well. I'll be back when I sort it out, but if anybody has any suggestions besides the two problems stated above, I welcome them.

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