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Windows 11?

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Anyone, is Microsoft really not going to release any major version upgrades to Windows anymore, so we'll have no more Windows 11?


If the rumors of Windows 10 moving into a subscription plan are true, does this mean we'll just be getting incremental OS updates through Windows Update or similar moving forward?


I shudder if this ends up with the nightmare it was to install Windows 8.1 Update 1 on the majority of systems I had to deal with. Cryptic errors with update packages, uncertain resolution methods...


Anyways, leaving the nightmare scenario aside - is WinTen really the last major OS from Microsoft for the Desktop, then? Is this rumor really true?


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rumor is called rumor for a reason

all they said that there will be no "windows" anymore


but what does that tell you ?


1. maybe OS won't be called Windows, but same core (NT) will stay

2. maybe they will push .net based OS, as we didn't hear long time how project Singularity was going on

3. maybe they simply make some weird hybrid, a cloud OS ?


but OS for Business is their primary income of money, so don't think they will stop compiling OS-es

it would be equal to EA stop making games...


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it would be equal to EA stop making DLCs...


sorry, had to do it.


my job here is done.


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