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Wireless N - cheesy workaround with USB-powered travel-router in Clien

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this may insult the Professional, there may be better solutions (of which i don't know, unfortunately), but if you have this problem, this - admittingly non-elegant workaround - may help you:


In a nutshell: I don't have a working WLAN-adapter on my notebook, and now, what to do about it..


Detail (you may ignore it):

I have a Toshiba Tecra S2. It has an Intel 2200BG WLAN Adapter (internal PCI).

This does not work with W98SE, because there is no driver (some people claim it works with the 2100BG driver, but it did not for me).

But even if it did, i just set my WLAN to not accept anything below type N WLAN, as this would slow down the network for all.



So i looked for a workaround, as there does not seem to be a thing as an "N" wireless Dongle or stick with w98SE support.


I found it: USB-powered Travel-Routers, used as a driver-less replacement for a WLAN-Dongle... :thumbup


In this case, i'm using a TP-Link TL-WR802N in Client-Mode. A TL-WR702 works as well, and though it's slower technically, with a machine like that you may not even notice... ;)

Warning: TL-MR3020 and TL-MR3040 do NOT work out of the box, as the interesting option is missing

(Open-WRT may help with 3020/3040, it's just not for the weak of heart or mind...)


The WLAN-port is connected to the LAN-Port of my Laptop, and power comes from an unused USB-port.

As the HDD of the Laptop is not that fast, i can copy 1MB/s through that connection.

Not as much as technically possible, of course, but, well, better than nothing...


That's it, have fun.



Ragnar G.D.


Fun Facts™:

- I had to modify the INF of the Marvell LAN, as is was a - quite shabby - subset of the XP-INF, just without mobile versions of the NIC, and because of that, containes an "error" of some kind. If you have questions, just ask, but if you know inf-tweaking, you'll most likely be able to fix that in a second yourself.

- I used this machine with power-chord only, as the battery-pack was basically broken. When i bought a new one - more expensive, and probably heavier, than the laptop itself  :whistle:  - the laptop disconnected from the WLAN. I had to remove the "can be powered down to save energy"-checkbox on the NIC, then it worked again...

- if you use a router like this, only do this in really trusted networks, as W98SE has absolutely no firewall, and the router does not have the usual NATting in that mode, naturally. Otherwise, look for a software-firewall (i.e. old Tiny Firewall or ZoneAlarm). Remember: Anyone who says W98SE is too old to be vulnerable, is outright wrong. And any browser that you can use on W98SE is fubar security-wise...

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Not cheesy at all -- I've been using and advocating (what-wifi-cards-are-compatible-with-98se, best-pci-wireless-card-for-9x) a router in client (or repeater) mode as a wifi adapter for Win9x for years.

I've used several desktop routers that need AC power. A travel router that gets its power via USB is perfect for mobile use. :)

If the NIC is also USB, a two-port USB hub might be used to create a one-USB-port complete solution -- but that might be cheesy!

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"So i looked for a workaround, as there does not seem to be a thing as an "N" wireless Dongle or stick with w98SE support."



I suppose the driver in this inf may be out there somewhere on a draft N cd 



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