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Intel HD graphics / B75 chipset drivers

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Intel do not provide official drivers for the igpu HD 2500/4000 or for the chipset B75 for Vista. I would like to install Vista. The motherboard manufacturer (Asus) provides drivers for XP & 7.


Is it possible the drivers for 7 will install on Vista?


I would just like to ask before going through the hassle of attempting this. Thanks.

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Yes and no. Let me explain.

I have also tried to use the Windows 7 display drivers on Vista. With what little knowledge I have about modifying the driver information (.INF) files, I attempted to install them by changing the NT version number(s) that restrict it to Windows 7 in the INF from 6.1 (Win7 NT number) to 6.0 (WinVista  NT Number), and then installing them via Device Manager, and it installed, but upon rebooting, it refused to function. I find it rather odd that they didn't function, but I suppose intel put some effort into blocking out Vista. I have heard of people getting the XP drivers to work, but you will not get the aero interface.

However, if you are on a desktop PC, you can purchase a compatible nvidia card, which will work with Vista. As for USB 3.0 and chipset drivers, you can (most likely) successfully install these drivers by downloading the 7 drivers and modifying them. To do that, try to locate the file with the .inf extension, and then open it with notepad. Change the version number(s) in the file (typically NTAMD64.6.1) to NTAMD64.6.0. Then save the file and open Device Manger. Right click on the device you want to install drivers for, and then choose "Update driver".. then choose to install from a specific location and browse for the modified .infs, and they should install. If not I have some modified USB 3.0 drivers for haswell if you want them which should work, although only with desktops, not laptops.

What I also find very odd is that Windows XP is supported, but not Vista. I guess they go by usage statistics, but I don't see how it would be that difficult to include Vista support given the similarities to Windows 7 and the fact that it is a part of the Windows NT 6.x series. AMD's catalyst also for a short period of time supported XP and 7 but not Vista, until MSFN user smeezekitty found a way around that and got the Win7 drivers to work. However if you want full Vista support graphic wise, NVIDIA would be the way to go. Any modern card will work, they fully support XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

Hope I helped.

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