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Windows XP Forum Posting Rules

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Windows XP Forum Posting Rules

1) The most important rule
Search to see if your topic already exists. Commonly answered questions will be closed.

2) If you are getting an error, check the Windows 2000/XP Troubleshooting Guide
If you follow this guide, you may solve your own problem without needing to ask anything. If following the guide doesn't solve your problem, write what you have tried to do to solve the problem.

Zxian’s Windows 2000/XP Troubleshooting Guide

3) Malware problems?
Got a virus, spyware, or adware? MSFN has a forum just for you. Check here for more information:

Malware Prevention

4) Regarding nLite
If you have used nLite to remove components from your Windows installation, check in the nLite forums for answers to your problems. Errors caused by nLite are beyond the scope of this forum.

nLite Forums

6) Provide enough information
Simply saying "I'm getting an error. Plz help!!!" isn't going to do anyone any good. We don't know what your problem or question is, and as a result, you don't get the help that you could. If you are getting a Windows error message, program error message, or any other type of error message, you MUST provide the complete error message along with any error codes that may appear.

7) Please post legibly.
Please try to use proper sentences, and if there are several points in your topic, break it up into paragraphs. It makes it much easier to read and understand, and as a result you'll probably get a better answer sooner.

8) Follow the MSFN Rules So there's no confusion as to where to find them, here's the link.

***** MSFN Forum Rules *****

Following these rules makes it easier for everyone on the forums. You get your answer quicker, and others who are helping you have an easier time understanding you.

Your friendly SMod

Thanks to Bâshrat the Sneaky for the rules outline. Edited by dencorso
Fixed broken links.

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