List of working Web Browsers on Windows 9x

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Found this web browser which apparently claims to work on all versions of Windows. Included it because it's a more recent browser that's still being developed, unfortunately, it's not quite that modern yet.

Netsurf should even work on Windows 95, it doesn't support tabs though and its rather outdated as well. Still receives development!


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32bw is an IE frontend.

Netsurf 3.6 (stable) is five years old. Requires SSE.


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Posted (edited)

Sigh You guys, if you're gonna argue, please message each other instead of ballooning up this topic. Two or three more pages of uselessness added .-.

If you don't have any web browsers, security tips, protocols, or workarounds to contribute, kindly refrain from posting...this topic does not need to be made up of argument and debate

I can confirm Arora 0.1 Portable Edition does work on 98SE with kernelex, although it's rather slow and crashes if the address bar area is clicked.

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