How to download a Windows Server 2012 R2 & Win10 Pro install media already updated

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I had been struggling over the internet since long to get Windows Server 2012 R2 ISO but that includes all latest updates/rollups already integrated in it so when I install it, it would not need to be updated at least for now.

Same thing I am looking for Windows 10 pro x64, already updated ISO 14393.447 updated upto nov 8 2016

is that possible to get somehow?

I tried many times for win 10 through media creation tool bit little glitch in internet or power, disrupts download and I have to start again. Moreover I have no idea what version, build of windows 10 will give me updated or not.

currently I am downloading server 2012 R2 evaluation version that I believe will be valid for 180 days. But can it be Volume licensed to be fully functional and at what level of updates it would be?

please someone do clarify soon !


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The only way to get an updated ISO is if you go to torrents, go to some forums, or integrate the updates yourself. Since getting modded ISOs from people you don't know from the internet is always risky, I would recommend you do the customization yourself.

Your best bet to do this, is to follow the instructions on this site, that basically says that you need to install the OS on a VM, update it, and then put whatever you'd like on the OS, to create your own updated and customized ISO:

The website says the guide is for Windows 8.1, but it works on Server 2012 R2 and Windows 10.

Hope this helps :hello:


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