I need help to add PCI to SATA adapter driver to a Bootable CD

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Hello everyone, i need some help to add my Silicon Image Sil 3112r driver on a bootable DOS CD. The driver belongs to a Silicon Image PCI to SATA adapter. The adapter has its own bios and shows a message after POST. (Works the way it's supposed to).

Whatever i connect on the adapter works without any problems if i boot Windows from my IDE hard drive. 

Troubles start when i try to boot from anything connected to the adapter. I tried bootable Windows XP install CD, Super FDISK bootable CD, MEM TEST 86 CD and Bart PE bootable CD, all work on IDE CD-DVD drive.

I have also tried a SATA Hard Drive with installed Windows XP on it. It started booting and then stoped.

When i boot into Windows from IDE drive and after i installed Sysinternals NTFSCHK.EXE (SATA DRIVER for windows 98), all contents of SATA drive were accessible normaly.

I need to boot from the adapter because i'm getting a new SATA Hard Drive on which i wil install Windows 98 Second Edition. 

Also i need to boot from CDs sometimes.

I also need to make a Bootable CD which contains Win98SE install directory and SATA drivers for my adapter.

This is the contents of SATA driver directory:







Total size 277 kb

I currently have a SATA CD-DVD ROM connected to the adapter.

Any help is welcome.

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First you will need to find a program that can extract the Boot image of the CD that you want to model this on, I assume the standard Windows 98SE CDROM. Then you will need to modify that boot image by adding GCDROM.SYS in the same manner as OAKCDROM.SYS. You can use both of them together that way if OAKCDROM.SYS doesn't work on your target system then GCDROM.SYS will kick in. Then you use this modified Boot image on your new CD.

There are many more in-depth ways of doing this including switching to other bootloaders and so forth but I believe the way I described is the simplest solution. Sorry for the lack of detail at the moment. It's been a while since I did this operation myself. :angel


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Thank you so much LoneCrusader, i downloaded gcdrom.sys.

The bootable cd which i have was home made with a boot sector from a Windows 98 startup disk (floppy) a long time ago. I think i used Nero 6 to create that bootable CD. I have Disc Juggler pro version and Alcohol 120% v1.9.5 installed and i will install Magic ISO to try to edit the image (with boot sector intact).


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I loaded GCDROM in CONFIG.SYS and in AUTOEXEC.BAT but id doesn't work:

"GCDROM V2.3, 8-24-2006

Driver name is  "CDROM001".

No CD-ROM drive to use; GCDROM not loaded!"

That's the error i get.

I need to add SATA to PCI adapter driver to load from DOS, that must be why DOS doesn't see anything connected to the adapter.

I had a major system stoppage when i added the adapter driver in CONFIG.SYS - when dos tried to load it it stopped booting. I couldn't even get to boot menu to erase the path to driver. I fixed it when i booted to DOS from another hard drive and edited CONFIG.SYS on my other hard disk.

How to add adapter driver for loading from DOS?

I just edited the title. 


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Unfortunately I've not tried to use GCDROM in the same hardware configuration as yours. It should still work provided that the card is initialized by the BIOS and so forth before your boot CD runs. :unsure:

Post the contents of your AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS and maybe others can help...


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I don't think GCDROM will work with most SATA Adapters.

I had to modify GCDROM to support a larger range of Devices to use my SATA Adapter.


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  Lone Crusader, thank you for your interest. Here are the files:








  Rloew, thank you for interest. Does your modified "GCDROM.SYS" work with these hardware?

PCI to SATA Adapter: Silicon Image Sil 3112 Revision 2
BIOS version: 4.2.84 Date: 01.19.2007
BIOS is flashable, but not under Windows.
PCI to SATA adapter is currently linked to: CD-DVD ROM

Firmware: SB01

TSST - (Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology)

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