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Very Frustrated with the Newer CAPTCHA

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Today I went around and around with the Rite Aid and Plenti points site they are affiliated with. These are the new stupid CAPTCHA windows where a person has to check all the squares with 'street signs', 'store fronts' or 'cars'. I never seem to be able to get any of these correct and you maybe waste ten minutes or more of your life before you can move on ... sometimes you can never get it right.

This is what happened to me this morning ... over 40 minutes and two different log ins and the Rite Aid - Plenti CAPTCHA was a no go. I am going to call Rite Aid later today on their 800 number and try to change my password over the phone with a human ... or I will ask if I can write it on a slip of paper and mail it to them.

My last recourse is to print it right here with the 'hope' that someone affiliated with the Rite Aid - Plenti program is a member of MSFN or will read my post and go into my account an change my password for me.

Here is my brand new Rite Aid - Plenti password ... Monroe's new password : 90cY=f5cBb+r

Please change it for me at your first opportunity so I no longer have to find all the 'street signs' or 'cars' at your online web site. No matter how many boxes I check, it's never correct ... life is too short to waste time this way in 2017 !

I will probably visit my local Rite Aid - Plenti a lot less after my experience this morning at your web site. After thirty minutes of 'pure frustration' I felt like I was going to have a stroke ... and you're supposed to be a 'health and wellness' corporation ... I don't think so !

I will go to store across the street.

... this seems to be a real problem for others also ... with many online sites.

“Images with Street Signs” CAPTCHA Impossible to Solve



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I am in "plenti twilight zone" where they originally had the Wellness card, but I rejected the Plenti privacy agreement. So I do not use the card anymore. But I cannot lie to the cashier when they ask "do you have" and yes ma'am, I do have it but I won't be using it.



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I forgot about the old Wellness Card ... probably still have it in a box somewhere. Well, that's my problem with the Plenti Card ... I only got it to get savings at checkout. I never went online to complete the whole process with Plenti ... so the card was only good at Rite Aid and not at any other stores in the system. So last year a nice clerk at Rite Aid asked if I would like to 'complete' my signup with Plenti ... she said she could do it right there at the register. 

I decided to let her finish the setup instead of me fooling around online but I did not get a password to log into my Plenti account for later on. I didn't think I really needed one, I was only going to use the card at Rite Aid ... I get a monthly statement (e-mail) from Plenti but yesterday morning I wanted to check something and I had to log in but I had no password.

So at most sites you can request a temporary password to be sent to log in and then set your own password. This is where all the trouble started. I put my email in the space and hit next and then this stupid CAPTCHA popped up with street signs and cars and or store fronts.

I just went around and around and never could get the CAPTCHA correct to get a temporary password sent and I left pi$$ed off and frustrated.

It wasn't so much Rite Aid and Plenti but more about this CAPTCHA junk. I was curious to see if others are also frustrated with this new type of CAPTCHA. It's been around for awhile but more web sites seem to 'adopting' this particular one. I just can't seem to find all the cars, street signs or whatever. For instance when street signs are involved ... do you also check the street sign poles in the other squares? It's not a 'street sign' square picture but it's part of the street sign.

I've tried the check marks both ways and most of the time it's a no go.


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