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Not DOS section on main Forum site

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Paclaz is a remote top tier getaway location in France.  It has nothing to do with your "name".  I could rename it Zalpac but it would lose its meaning of exalted excellence.  I also used it for a gaming username in the past so I don't think you can claim full ownership of a nickname or word that does not match yours even if it is off by one character.  Will you target someone if you saw the word jaclay or a new member used that nickname and you assumed negative intent?

Regarding any pun - which I understand to equate more of an insult then that would make my view of the word Paclaz a compliment above Jaclaz.  If I ever was even thinking of even a simple pun of your name simply removing the letter "l" from your name would be clear indicator of bad intentions which Paclaz does not invoke.

I don't know if you are joking but as an example of posting in one my threads with "...6"

could be construed as ill intent to hijack/obstruct and not funny by an OP and this is just another one your hijinks again but if not then you should understand Paclaz /= Jaclaz but Paclaz is considered > Jaclaz in ranking as words only.  So if you dislike seeing Paclaz after this you must state so and I will use Zalpac so it has no clear association.  You should also refrain from doing such hijinks type behavior if similarly done by someone else could mistakenly be interpreted as a congenial attitude.


Back on topic...

On 9/3/2017 at 0:00 AM, jaclaz said:

Yep, and this would virtually put non-Microsoft Software (such as "IBM PC-DOS, DR-DOS and possibly FreeDOS") under the Microsoft Software category, 

As said everyone has his/her own way to classify and organize info, and - again as said - I find yours particularly interesting, though you cannot put periods in "DOS" (this would be an actual mistake).


In the beginning that might be a good thing to have open flavors for discussion on MS, PC, Doctor, Free, and DOSBOX are some good starter topics people could discuss in the beginning.

Earlier PC-DOS till 5.0 was actually MS-DOS renamed so it would still be classified a MS software.

The D.O.S. title is for aesthetics even though DOS would work but SEO would be better if D.O.S. was used to filter out unrelated results.  Also other acronyms like DOS = Denial of Service is hardly ever seen as D.O.S. making it stand out.





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There's no need for this thread to be open any longer, it's been long answered. If you want to talk about DOS in general, feel free to make a thread in the appropriate forum and continue discussion. This is no longer a site issue.


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