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Windows 95C on a Dell Latitude D510

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[backstory] A customer brought in a Dell Latitude D510 laptop. Apparently their kid was playing and ended up in the BIOS and locked the BIOS and encrypted the HDD. I managed to clear the bios password and replace the HDD.
Called customer to tell them they would need to purchase a copy of windows as the COA was missing from the bottom. They said no and they would be picking up as is. They never did. Fast forward a year later I find it again sitting on a shelf. In case someone thinks I'm stealing it the drop off paperwork I use does say any property left after 30 days from date of finished repair is considered abandoned. [/backstory]

Now on to the main event. The specs are
Intel Celeron-m 1.5GHz
Intel ICH6 chipset
Broadcom 4401/b0 NIC
Intel Pro Wireless 2000BG
AC97 sound SigmaTel 9750
Intel 915GM Graphics

First Phase of Installation had no problems and completed
as expected. On first reboot I interrupted the startup and dropped to DOS and edited System.ini and added MaxPhysPage=20000 and MaxFileCache=16384 saved and continued the install which completed normally. Updated IE to 5.5 and patched with OSR2SP1 and XUSBSUPP.

Now the search for drivers. Thanks to in part to the people here I was able to drivers for almost everything.

Video: I'm using the Scitech Display Doctor 7.0 beta.
Audio: Found on MSFN in Device Manager labeled as Avance AC'97 for Intel Audio Controller
Network:There was no Windows 95 driver for this card but I managed to use the DOS ODI driver works with no problems so far.

Correct me if I'm wrong but there is no 95 drivers for Firewire, IPW2200, and USB 2.0?

Problems & Quirks:
After installing SDD drivers I can't restart to DOS.

Because I'm using the ODI diver I still have a unknown ethernet in Device Manager.

Even with the XUSBSUPP my USB Drives don't show up. Luckily the BIOS with USB Emulation turned on it shows up as a regular HDD in explorer.

I have to disable secondary IDE channel to get rid of a ! on it and to be able to enable DMA. This disables the CDROM in Windows maybe loading a DOS CDROM driver before Windows starts would give me access but I haven't missed it.

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 MaxFileCache is too small and will be ignored. If you want to limit it, try 32768.

USB2 requires a messy hybrid configuration mixing some 98 Beta and 98 Software.

A DOS CDROM Driver can be used.

You need the latest FIX95CPU from Lone Crusader for better USB Support. It includes my USB Mass Storage Driver.

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