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Problems under win2k

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Hey all,

im using xplode under win2k with gdiplus.dll from 2003 Server (Sorry i don´t have a winxp) And startet from cmdline.txt it works but there are no visuals....?!?!?.

And then when i start it with grouppolicy skript before login prompts it can´t change to a domainuser account or even the local administrator (No i don´t have a mistyped passwort).

The funniest thing is that it crashes with an immidiate reboot if i start some msi files. Not every msi installer but everytime the usual suspects.

There is also a problem with the shortcut plugin. For some reason it doesnt support german special characters. when i use Startmenü (German for Startmenu) it does not create a link......

A lot of questions.... Maybe some one spend some time on it.......

Has somebody interest in a solution to use xplode to manage software distribution in a domain after all install is finished???



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