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Remove IE 6 from Win2K

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Just came across this reference in a great newletter I get. I have seen posts asking about removing Internet Explorer 6 so thought to pass it on....

From the LangaList Plus newsletter:

13) Plus! Edition Extra:

Legit, Nondestructive Ways to Uninstall IE

Fred, I am building a Windows 2000 image that will be Ghosted out to entire network. The base install of Windows 2000 that we got from our hardware manufacturer came with IE 6.0 I searched www.langa.com for ways to uninstall IE 6.0 and came across the reference to IEradicator [ http://www.litepc.com/download.html ] . It looked like just what I wanted until I read that if would not work with Windows 2000 SP2.

I followed your lead and went to Google to search the newsgroups. I cam across a suggestion by Jim Pickering, MVP-Outlook Express, that worked without a hitch. I thought it might be something other readers could use.

Jim suggests that if you are running Windows 2000 and want to uninstall Internet Explorer 6.0, run the w2kexcp.exe /u command from your "Internet Explorer\IE Uninstall" folder. It worked. I had even done the "critical updates" for IE 6.0 at http://www.windowsupdates.microsoft.com prior to the uninstall. When I went back to download IE 5.5 SP2 it told me that I didn't have a single patch installed. Downloading IE 5.5 SP2, the critical updates and the security roll up went very smooth. --- Ken Rosen

Thanks, Ken. Indeed, the "w2kexcp" is a totally legit way to remove IE5 or 6 from Win2K, as explained in these articles: http://www.google.com/search?q=w2kexcp%2Eexe

You'll find more on that technique, plus general IE6 uninstall info--- including options for WinXP, WinME and Win98--- at http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...b;EN-US;q293907


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Good find!

I have have good success with IEradicator in the past. On very few ocassions I have had the need to uninstall 6 just to roll back to 5. It is handy if you want M$ IE completely off the system and plan to use another browser. Why? Something to do I guess.


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