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Just a thort here why not use the Driverpacks Mass Storage drivers from and slipstream them directly into your setup cd?

Sorry if this has already been mentioned :(



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Just a thort here why not use the Driverpacks Mass Storage drivers from and slipstream them directly into your setup cd?

Sorry if this has already been mentioned :(


This is mentioned on the driverpacks forums. To quote from that link:

; Disabled! driver conflicts with the Silicon Image 3112r and Silicon Image 3132 drivers.

; if you need this, unzip, disable [s-5] [s-5-A] [s-B] and [s-C] and enable this section

; ( to enable, change ms_count=0 to ms_count=1 )

This is specific to the AMCC 3ware 7000/8000 series sata controller drivers. Later in that same thread, its stated that these drivers were removed from the driverpacks project (the initial post is in reference to a much older version of DriverPacks). However, for my disk I just ended up using a workaround with a multiboot, with a different winnt.sif for if I am installing on a system using that card, or a different one I can use if I just want to use the native driverpacks drivers (which use method 1 for driver slipstreaming). The guide outlined in the first post of this thread is what i think is known as method2, using $OEM$\TEXTMODE and defining an [OemBootFiles] section in winnt.sif/unattend.txt

I also found that with all of the driverpacks mass storage drivers enabled, it takes a long time for the installer to start as it loads every mass storage driver into memory every time you run the installer. For this reason, I may end up making a few other multiboot options to load different sets of drivers to allow the installer to run a little more smoothly at the start. Since method1 drivers add lines for them into txtsetup.sif, you should be able to directly reference them in winnt.sif as such:

;this is example code from txtsetup.sif, of lines which were added by driverpacks
aic78xx = "Adaptec AHA-294X/AHA-394X/AIC-78XX SCSI Controller"
aic78u2 = "Adaptec AHA-294XU2/AIC-7890 SCSI Controller"
arc = "Adaptec RAID Storport Driver"
afcnt = "Agilent HHBA-510x PCI Fibre Channel Controller"
cpqarray = "Compaq Drive Array"

taking these lines, we should be able to create a winnt.sif that only looks for those specific drivers by placing them in [MassStorageDevices] as such:

;this is example code from winnt.sif, referencing the lines above from txtsetup.sif
"IDE CD-ROM (ATAPI 1.2)/PCI IDE Controller" = "RETAIL";if you are going to define any set of method1 drivers in winnt.sif, you need at least this one.
"Adaptec AHA-294X/AHA-394X/AIC-78XX SCSI Controller" = "RETAIL"
"Adaptec AHA-294XU2/AIC-7890 SCSI Controller" = "RETAIL"
"Adaptec RAID Storport Driver" = "RETAIL"
"Agilent HHBA-510x PCI Fibre Channel Controller" = "RETAIL"
"Compaq Drive Array" = "RETAIL"

I'll probably test that out later tonight and post my results.


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Once you have it working we can work on removing what you don't need. Its not too hard to rewrite the txtsetup.oem file, that is what RASOR does...its around here somewhere I swear...

Are there any updates to RASOR?

Is RASOR open source?

Does anyone have a working URL to download RASOR?


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Was wondering the same thing.

Is this also applicable on XP Pro x64 Edition install-images? It seems that the nlite textmode driver-slipstream does not work at all for the Intel Matrix set of storage chips.


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I like this method and with the Intel SATA drivers it works like a charm. Thank You for this!

Intel® Matrix Storage Manager Driver

I've put the drivers in the two folders:



Then I opened the TXTSETUP.OEM and looked up the controller names in the [scsi] section:


; iaAHCI.inf
iaAHCI_ESB2 = "Intel(R) ESB2 SATA AHCI Controller"
iaAHCI_7RDH = "Intel(R) ICH7R/DH SATA AHCI Controller"
iaAHCI_7MMDH = "Intel(R) ICH7M/MDH SATA AHCI Controller"
iaAHCI_8RDHDO = "Intel(R) ICH8R/DH/DO SATA AHCI Controller"
iaAHCI_8MEM = "Intel(R) ICH8M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller"
iaAHCI_9RDODH = "Intel(R) ICH9R/DO/DH SATA AHCI Controller"
iaAHCI_9MEM = "Intel(R) ICH9M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller"
iaAHCI_10DDO = "Intel(R) ICH10D/DO SATA AHCI Controller"
iaAHCI_10R = "Intel(R) ICH10R SATA AHCI Controller"
iaAHCI_PCHM = "Intel(R) PCHM SATA AHCI Controller 4 Port"
iaAHCI_PCHM_1 = "Intel(R) PCHM SATA AHCI Controller 6 Port"
iaAHCI_PCH = "Intel(R) PCH SATA AHCI Controller"

; iaStor.inf
iaStor_ESB2 = "Intel(R) ESB2 SATA RAID Controller"
iaStor_7RDH = "Intel(R) ICH7R/DH SATA RAID Controller"
iaStor_7MDH = "Intel(R) ICH7MDH SATA RAID Controller"
iaStor_8R9R10RDOPCH = "Intel(R) ICH8R/ICH9R/ICH10R/DO/PCH SATA RAID Controller"
iaStor_8ME9MEPCHM = "Intel(R) ICH8M-E/ICH9M-E/PCHM SATA RAID Controller"

After that I modified my WINNT.SIF (German version of Windows) and added the following lines:

"Intel(R) ESB2 SATA AHCI Controller"="OEM"
"Intel(R) ICH7R/DH SATA AHCI Controller"="OEM"
"Intel(R) ICH7M/MDH SATA AHCI Controller"="OEM"
"Intel(R) ICH8R/DH/DO SATA AHCI Controller"="OEM"
"Intel(R) ICH8M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller"="OEM"
"Intel(R) ICH9R/DO/DH SATA AHCI Controller"="OEM"
"Intel(R) ICH9M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller"="OEM"
"Intel(R) ICH10D/DO SATA AHCI Controller"="OEM"
"Intel(R) ICH10R SATA AHCI Controller"="OEM"
"Intel(R) PCHM SATA AHCI Controller 4 Port"="OEM"
"Intel(R) PCHM SATA AHCI Controller 6 Port"="OEM"
"Intel(R) PCH SATA AHCI Controller"="OEM"

"Intel(R) ESB2 SATA RAID Controller"="OEM"
"Intel(R) ICH7R/DH SATA RAID Controller"="OEM"
"Intel(R) ICH7MDH SATA RAID Controller"="OEM"
"Intel(R) ICH8R/ICH9R/ICH10R/DO/PCH SATA RAID Controller"="OEM"
"Intel(R) ICH8M-E/ICH9M-E/PCHM SATA RAID Controller"="OEM"

"IDE CD-ROM (ATAPI 1.2)/PCI IDE-Controller"="RETAIL"


For the English version of Windows it's important to change the following line from:

"IDE CD-ROM (ATAPI 1.2)/PCI IDE-Controller"="RETAIL" to

"IDE CD-ROM (ATAPI 1.2)/PCI IDE Controller"="RETAIL"

Perhaps this very important difference between the two language versions should be mentioned in the first post of this thread?

Now my problem is, that I want to create a CD with SATA drivers for a repair installation (not recovery console) of Windows XP, but when I use this CD I haven't the chance to start a repair installation. After choosing the partition the setup immediately starts to copy files onto it ending up with a second Windows installation in the same partition.

Is there a way to use the TEXTMODE method to create a CD with which I'm able to start a repair installation?

A similar situation is discussed here:

best regards


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