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Direct X 8.1b for Win9x/ME & Win2k

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This latest version of DirectX offers updated graphics, faster frame rates, and support for massively multiplayer games. It also offers more immersive audio when running and displaying programs rich in multimedia elements such as full-color graphics, video, 3-D animation, and surround sound. If you had an earlier version of DirectX installed on your system, you will see little difference in available space on your hard drive following the installation.

DirectX 8.1 will overwrite any earlier versions. DirectX 8.1 provides the latest update to the DirectX technology. DirectX 8.1 will ensure trouble-free installation and includes the latest USB game controller updates in addition to the features provided by DirectX 8.0.

Note: After installation, the DirectX 8.1 run time cannot be uninstalled. DirectX is a system component. It cannot be uninstalled without reinstalling your operating system.

Note: Users of Windows XP do not need to install DirectX 8.1. DirectX 8.1 is included in the Windows XP operating system.

Changes in Current Version:

Modifies kernel component stream.sys to correct failure of laptops to resume from hibernation as described in Knowledge Base article Q307207. This fix only affects Windows 2000 systems using a docking station having an attached USB camera

Fixes a blocking issue in quartz.dll on Windows 2000 when running DirectShow in a service

Corrects a boundary case in the MPEG-2 Demultiplexer where packets may be dropped

Fixes Direct3D-base screen savers, when the computer may be unable to enter standby or hibernation by using the timer in Power Management properties

Fixes some recent game titles that use DrawIndexedPrimitive() API with clipped TL vertices

Fixes flashing polygons/lines issues in some applications that used DirectX 8.0 DrawPrim(), DrawClippedPrim,

DrawIndexedPrim() APIs

DirectX 8.1b for Windows 9x/ME

DirectX 8.1b for Windows 2000

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