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Neverwinter Nights

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    I am a PC...

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ive had this game for a few days but i only just installed it yesterday and started playing, aa few things:

its HUGE
its Grahically amazing
its very atmospheric

im hooked!
has anyone else here got it, patched or otherwise? just interested in maybe trying it out online with a few people if theres anyone other than me here with it,

Yours Illious Jalianodie


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    The MSFN Banana

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nah, its D&D, its probably more complicated than Dungeon Seige, like Baldur's Gate or something.

Now anyone up for a game of Warcraft 3? :)




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/me slaps aaron with Never Winter Nights CD1 . CD2 & CD3
its more complicated than dungeon siege but alot less complicated than baldurs gate.
you only have to control your character.
if you hire a mercenary to help you they have there own AI and you just give them basic orders like follow me or Guard.
the games difficulty level is just about spot on.
the game has is huge!
has incredible detail when using the 64mb texture pac~
has the best looking realtime shadows ive ever seen in a game!
has realistic grass that blows in the wind or moves when you or an enemy walks threw it.
has the right mixture of story telling and action! most the games main storyline is given to you in speech rather than some boring text to read!.

i advise anyone who likes RPG's to go and buy it now!
PS. im sure some of the womens boobs bounce? :)



    MSFN Junkie

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Yea i saw this game a while back at a convention, it looked way sweet grafical as well as design.....got to get it soon!

:rolleyes: :)

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i have NWN, the games amazing!! so many details, setting traps and things its amazingly HUGE!

warcraft3 is kinda boring, it good but a bit basic, cross between Empire earth (but nowhere near as good) and very basic RPG games. reminds me of BattleRealms a bit :S



    "I will show you fear in a handfull of dust"

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sounds like a cool game...i will try it as soon as i finish getting it :)
Love to Drive !!!

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**** you Drew! You E3 goin to bastard! :rolleyes:
Anyway, with that out of the way, NWN looks **** sweet, one I might actually consider buying(shut up drew). As for Bungholes Gate and Warcraft 3, BG and it's sequel both sucked in my opinion, the game was way to easy with that pausing thing. Warcraft 3, I have to say is friggin awesome, yet I would have liked total camera controls in this one, I got a little sick of the 3/4 view as in Warcraft 1-2 and Starcraft, the camera "lean" just isn't enuf for me. But all in all, I have to say they didn't pull a Daikatana too bad(keeping it in production so long and releasing a steaming pile of waste), as I was expecting. :)
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