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Hi guys,

Ive just built a Linux Webserver, and I have a problem...

website works if you type the actual address: http://www.*****.co.nz

however, if you type *****.co.nz without typing in the www, you will get a "Index of /" with a cgi-bin folder (which you cannot access). What i need, is for this to go to the website, whether or not you type in the www.

Ive have tried to use virtual hosts.... cant get it to work. Im probably doing it wrong..

In section 1 (global) i set:

Port 80

Servername ******

<virtualhost *> DocumentRoot /www/htdocs servername ****** </virtualhost>

and in section 3 or wherever it is in the virtual host part, i set:

<VirtualHost x.x.x.x:80>

ServerName www.*****.co.nz

DocumentRoot /www/htdocs


etc..... Ive tried heaps of other bits of code in other places from people various comments such as Listen x.x.x.x and bindaddress http://*******.co.nz


Is using virtual hosts even the right thing for what im trying to do? Im just going off what people have told me...

Any help would be muchly appreciated :)


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nope, vertual host setting isn't the best way.
mode rewrite would be way better (But it would also disable the posebilities for setting subdomains..

have a look at hos mod_rewrite worsk on apache.org

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i'm not sure if you can even set this option in apache. i am pretty sure this is an issue with dns. where are you hosting this website?

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