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Unattended WinXP Install issue

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I am having an issue with my unattended installs of
WinXP -

I am using the unattend.bat and .txt file to do
unattended upgrades to our test computers here. However,
after performing the upgrade, I have noticed that it is
leaving the previous OS (win2k) intact. It moves the
Win2k files to c:\WINNT from c:\Windows and installs the
WinXP files to C:\Windows. This also causes the machine
to dual boot, giving the user the option of booting into
either OS. This is definitely NOT what I want to
happen. Why isnt the upgrade path removing/simply
upgrading the Win2k install? Is there a setting I am
forgetting? Or is this the normal behavior of the
unattended install?

I know I can use a GUIRUNONCE command to get rid of the
directory, as well as the entry in the boot.ini file, but
id rather not have to do that, as it seems there is some
missing step here. Any info would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks.

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i believe there is an option in your Winnt.sif that determines upgrade......

let me go look, and I'll check back

search for NTUpgrade in the ref.chm file. It might pertain even though it says it's for .NET.
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well, ive figured out that it is doing clean installs instead of upgrades. i realized this when upgrading a machine that had office on it, and when i tried to use office (the shortcuts werent even in the programs menu) it screamed "error" at me. so, why isnt it realizing I want to upgrade? unattended installs are one of the only ways to do upgrades anyways.

alanoll, is a winnt.sif file used/needed when doing an unattended install through unattend.bat? i didnt see that anywhere in my resource kit. thanks for checking though.




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ok, well im confused...

shouldnt have anything to do with the winnt.sif file as im not installing from a cd. im installing from a distro point.

i did notice there is an winntupgrade switch for the unattend.txt file. HOWEVER, it says that if you are installing files from the \$oem$\ folder (which I am, as we have a bunch of PnP drivers in there) that you do not need the winntupgrade switch in there. but obviously it hasnt been upgrading before. so which one is it?