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SP2 install needed hacked files list

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thanks man

but this link not right
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For the record, my various hosts are pretty much now dead. Since my local copy is also gone (dad reformatted without telling me), I can't upload it. I'm honestly surprised anyone's still looking for this thing though. And although it may seem as if I've been ignoring all the replies, in fact I haven't been on MSFN for the past oh, I dunno, year and a half, at all (OK, so I was on for a while at the beginning of the year, but that's it). My deepest apologies, but I'd encourage people to look elsewhere.

P.S. I just realized the link DisabledTrucker posted is still live. Go back a page and you'll find it. My belated thanks to DisabledTrucker, especially since I don't even have a copy anymore.

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Let this be a reminder of why I never should "forget" to log on to MSFN for a whole year.




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Well, fortunatly I've kept all my SP2 patched files even after I converted the addons to use the Integrators [HexEdit] function. But since nLite does not have this feature, (and for informational completness) I'm sharing the various versions of the files that have been listed here.

Every file was personally modified by hand using mirkes.de Tiny Hexer with offset verification done using HeavenTools PE Explorer and tested on live installs. They have been cab compressed with PECheckSum correction for inclusion into the \I386 dir.

Multiple versions exist, so be sure to pick the appropriate version number. I'll be updating this frequently and will continue to maintain it concurrently with my RVM Addons (which can be found HERE.).

5.1.2600.2180: (Right-Click, "Save As")

Syssetup.dll 5.1.2600.2180:
Disable Syssetup.INF Signature Checking: (Right-Click, "Save As")
Disable INF Checking & OOBE: : (Right-Click, "Save As")
Disable OOBE(Right-Click, "Save As")

Syssetup.dll 5.1.2600.2689: **For those with KB894871 installed.
Disable Syssetup.INF Signature Checking: (Right-Click, "Save As")
Disable INF Checking & OOBE: (Right-Click, "Save As")
Disable OOBE: (Right-Click, "Save As")

TCPIP.sys for 100 concurrent connections: **I need to add more versions and more options per ver.
5.1.2600.2827(Right-Click, "Save As")

USBPort.sys for 500mhz Port Polling: **Not for Use with Wireless Mice!!
5.1.2600.2180: (Right-Click, "Save As")
5.1.2600.2730: (Right-Click, "Save As")
5.1.2600.2783: (Right-Click, "Save As")
5.1.2600.2846: (Right-Click, "Save As")
5.1.2600.2891: (Right-Click, "Save As")

UXTheme.dll for Unsigned Theme Usage:
6.0.2900.2180: (Right-Click, "Save As")
6.0.2900.2523: (Right-Click, "Save As")
6.0.2900.2845: (Right-Click, "Save As")

Hope people find this useful.


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I apologize for my ignorance, but what is: NLCAHackedFilesPack.exe ??



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Thanks for the possibly only surviving copy


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Thanks. Some of these files are 404's now.


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I've grabed some regs from sound components onto directx.
Sweet duet off dsound.dll + quartz.dll ;)
It' is not a patched files anymore! Simply is a ports.
The library packed is dsound.dll 5.3.3790.1433 and quartz.dll 6.5.3790.1433
Try use it please!...
link: http://semiono.myliv...1306/Quartz.zip
To All Thnx!

More added now qdvd: http://semiono.myliv...u/file/429/1319

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IF you're still looking for these files, head over to http://ryanvm.net/msfn and check out his forums, they are all there, all zipped up and compressed ready to install straight into i386 no more needing this pack.
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