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Easy RunOnceEx.cmd

Do you want it to be easy to create RunOnceEx.cmd  

2,054 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you want it to be easy to create RunOnceEx.cmd

    • Yes
    • No
    • What whould be the function?
    • Maybe

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eagle00789    0

I'm creating a program to make it much easyer to write "RunOnceEx.cmd".

Vote on the poll and give me your opinion

Upcoming Version: v2.6.1.0 RC4

Changes in this upcoming version:

* The database updates will be back in the next version.

* Set a preference on when to update the program (Choises will be: Manual, on program exit)

* More programs already added to the database

* Updated helpfile to include more difficult programs

* [possibly] Support for XMLInst by PryGuy ( Votes: Yes 0 | No 0 to vote, please send me a PM)

Current Version: v2.6.1.0 RC3

To download, right here

* To install it complety silent, run it with "/verysilent /accept". The accept portion indicates that you agree with both the licenses. If you want a copy of these licenses, please send me a PM.

* Update is now partially working again. Only the program is updatable for now.

Programs Currently in database


ABC - Another Bit Torrent Client 2.6.5

Acdsee 6.03

Acrobat Reader 6.0

Ad Muncher

Ad-Aware Pro

Alcohol 120%

AM-DeadLink v2.00

AOL Instant Messenger

AVG Anti Virus Program

BitTornado 0.3.7

Boot XP

Cisco VPN Client

Command Prompt Explorer Bar 1.1

Connectix Virtual PC

Connectix Virtual PC IS Script

ConTEXT 0.97

Corel Photo Album

Crap Cleaner v110

Creative Audigy/Live Driver

Customizer XP 1.8.5

Daemon Tools



DUMeter 3

DVD Region Free 5.01

Easy CD Creater 5.0

Easy CD Creater 6.0

Emule 0.42

FastFolders v3.0.0

FileZilla v2.2.7b

Fireburner 2.2.1

FireFox 9.3 Browser

F-Prot AntiVirus

FreshUI 6.80

GetDiz 3.0


Google Toolbar

Google Toolbar (without advanced features)

Gunbound 3.06

ieSpell - A Spell Checker for Internet Explorer

iISystem Wiper v2.3

Incredimail XE

Index.dat Suite v2.6.0

IsoBuster V1.6

Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8

Journal Viewer 1.5

Kazaa Codec Pack

Kazaa Lite K++ 2.43

Kazaa Lite Resurrection

Lavasoft Ad-Aware 6 Build 181

Logon Loader


Media Encoder 9

Messenger Plus 2.54

Messenger Plus 2.54 (Without Sponsor)

Microsoft .Net 1.1

Microsoft Money 2004

Microsoft Office 2003 Professional

Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Runtimes

Mozilla 1.6

MRU-Blaster v1.5

MSFN Toolbar Icon

MusicMatch Jukebox

Nero Burning ROM

Netscape 7.02

Norton Ghost

Norton Systemworks 2003

O&O Professional Defrag 6

Paint Shop Pro X

Partition Magic 8.0

PC Cillin

PC Wizard 2004 v1.632

Pdf Creator

Perfect Disk 6

Pop Up Cop

PowerDesk 5 Pro

PowerDesk 5.0

Preparing Installation...

QCD Player

Quick Par

QuickTime Alternative

Real Alternative

RealPlayer One v2

RealVNC 3.3.7

Registry Tweaks

Resplendent Registrar 3.21

SiSoft Sandra Pro MAX3

skype .95 beta

Slim Browser v4.00.2

SpyBot Search & Destroy


Sun Java VM 1.4.2

Sun Java VM

Sygate Personal Firewall

Symantec Antivirus Corporate 8.1

Symantec Antivirus Corporate 9

Text Pad


TuneUp Utilities

TuneUp Utilities (Extracted)

Tweaknow PowerPack

TweakUI 2.10 Powertoy

TweakXP Pro 2.0

VideoLAN 0.7.2

Visual CD v 1.8

WinAmp 5.1

Windows MediaPlayer 9

Windows XP Support Tools

WinISO 5.3

WinRAR 3.20

Winscp 2.3

WinXP Image Resizer Power Toy

WMP 9 Bonus Pack


XoftSpy 3.4.4

Yahoo Messenger 5.6

Edited by eagle00789

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MCT    0

i voted yes too!

i dont use runoce.. but it would be good for other ppl :)

i use xplode.. which is kinda similar but not really :rolleyes:

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eagle00789    0

Well, i don't understand anything of XPLode, so that's why i had the idea to create this small (about 200kb in size as for now, but loading still not functional) program

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sleepnmojo    0

You don't really need a gui to do it at all. I have a cmd script that just parses the directories looking for a file, which has the title, and commands. Which ends up building my script. This keeps all my commands localized to a folder, so if I want to remove the program, I just move the folder, or the cmd file I parse. it's pretty simple.

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eagle00789    0

you can't at the moment, i'm stil developing it, but i'm wrapping it up right now. i'm working on the loading of existing RunOnceEx.cmd files. it's almost finished

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