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WIHU Discussions

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First I'd like to thank Benjamin for the amazing app you have done...you are the one to blame for having me to rewrite my whole system of appz instalations :) .

I've been writing my own ini and i've come with a small glitch i dont know how to overcome...its not a big deal...but im a little perfeccionist. Following theres a part of my file

; Sub command 1
description.1=Internet Explorer 6
command.1=%CURDIR%\other\ie6sp1\ie6setup.exe /Q:A /R:N
selected.1 = 1
key.1.0=HKLM:Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Build?>62800.1106

; Sub command 1.0
command.1.0=cmd.exe /c @echo Nothing
selected.1.0 = 0

; Sub command 1.1
description.1.1=Internet Explorer 6 Updates
command.1.1=cmd.exe /c @echo Nothing
selected.1.1 = 1

; Sub command 1.1.0
description.1.1.0=Actualização acumulada de segurança para o Internet Explorer 6 SP1 (KB824145)
command.1.1.0=%CURDIR%\hotfixes\q824145.exe /Q:A /R:N
selected.1.1.0 = 1

; Sub command 1.1.1
description.1.1.1=330994: Abril de 2003 - Actualização de segurança para o Outlook Express 6 SP1
command.1.1.1=%CURDIR%\hotfixes\q330994.exe /Q:A /R:N
selected.1.1.1 = 1

I will use this in two ways...following an unatended instalation of win2k...where there shouldnt be a problem since i want to install all of that. The problem occurs

when i only want to update a system where i have ie6 already installed and only want to install the patchs in an automatic way...Some help with a workaround someone?

Once again...claps for Benjamin...thank you very much.


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I believe there is a reason WIHU has it's own forum now... :)


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No probs now, sorted into its own topic. :)

Here we go...

A starter-pack, (sort of) for igniting the loads of posts which are inevitable. Shoot away questions, and new releases here.


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@IceBlackIce: Just test new version (web site). Should work there.

Please note: If parent of a subtree isn't checked, none of it's children will be executed later.



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I'm really sorry to be such a pain but...yeah you are right...if it goes unnatended it pops up unchecked and everything fine, but if i change any of the sub tree items, it gains again...and its executed, even though it doesnt appear in the log file.


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