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Date: 22.08.2004: Version

  • Bug in /ini= switch was fixed
  • Keyword workdir.x was added. This may be used to specify alternative working directory.
  • WIHU variable %INIDIR% was added which points to directory where current ini file is located.

Date: 21.08.2004: Version

  • Bug in disable.x/enable.x operation was fixed

Date: 19.08.2004: Version

  • User profile directory will also be deleted on delete.x [users.operation]
  • Bug in UseCurrent INI [settings] was fixed

Date: 18.08.2004: Version

  • Minor bug in dimension.width/.height was fixed

Date: 18.08.2004: Version

  • Minor bug in /SkipSettings was fixed

Date: 17.08.2004: Version

  • Minor bug in software selection list was fixed ... [users.operation] was showed as installable software.

Date: 17.08.2004: Version

  • dimension.update=0|1, dimension.width and dimension.height ini file keywords was added to [settings] section. WIHU will adjust it's size corresponding to this settings when loaded. dimension.update=1 forces WIHU to write it's current Windows size to ini file after exit.

Date: 17.08.2004: Version

  • Entire feature for loading and editing existing Windows User Accounts which was added in was removed and is replaced by a much simpler one. New keywords are disable.x=username, enable.x=username, rename.x=from, to and delete.x=username which must stay in [users.Operation] section in ini file. This section must stay in same file as [users] section. Specifying existing users in [users] section is btw. still possible.
    rename.0=Administrator@Domain, TheMaster

  • /Verbose=<level> switch was added. Verbose levels are:
    0 = Don't display certain status messages and don't print sub command descriptions
    1 = Print certain status messages
    2 = Print sub command descriptions in log view
    3 = Print all messages

Date: 17.08.2004: Version

  • Bug in command.x execution was fixed when /SkipSettings was used.

Date: 16.08.2004: Version

  • Following command line switches are also available in INI file [settings] section:
    Computer, Workgroup, User, UserPwd, Admin, AdminPwd, Owner, Org, Log, SkipSettings, SkipSoftware, SkipRestart, NoCancel, AutoLogon, Verbose, NoRestartChange, Beep, AutoInstall, AutoExit, RestartWait
  • /Workgroup=<name> switch was added.
  • Name length restrictions are following:
    User name = 20 characters
    User password = 100 characters
    User account full name = 100 characters
    Path names = 260 characters
    User account comment = 200 characters
    Computer- and Workgroup name = 15 characters

Date: 16.08.2004: Version

  • Workgroup membership can be changed now.
  • Fixed minor bugs in user account settings

Date: 15.08.2004: Version

  • /users=<ini> is now defaulted to install.ini which means, install.ini should contain the [users] section in future. If /users=<ini> is specified, users are loaded from this file only!
  • WIHU Window is now resizeable
  • New [users] section keyword OldPassword.x
    To change password of an existing windows account you have to add this keyword and initialize it with the current password of the specified account. In case you want reset the old account password or to change this without knowing old password, just set OldPassword.x=*. In this case Password.x will be applied.
  • To delete an existing windows user account just create a new user.x and add 0x80000000 to it's status.x. Example:

  • New Group.x behaviour:
    If corresponding user account does already exists then:
    Group.x=1 -> Move user to "Administrators" Group and remove it from "Users" group
    Group.x=0 -> Move user to "Users" Group and remove it from "Administrators" Group
    Group.x=2 -> Don't change Group
    Otherwise if corresponding account doesn't exists yet then:
    Group.x=1 -> Move new user to "Administrators" Group and remove it from "Users" group
    Group.x=0 -> Move new user to "Users" Group and remove it from "Administrators" Group
    Group.x=2 -> Don't add the user to any Group
  • Existing account vs new account:
    It's possible either to specify an existing windows account or to specify a new account that will be created by WIHU.
    1. The first case:
    You will not be able to change user profile settings like shellfolders or user environment with WIHU for this account.
    2. The second case:
    WIHU will disable this user later after modifying user profile.
  • /Beep=<seconds> switch is now available. This could be usefull for unattended windows installation to hint the user to enter WIHU settings before WIHU auto installation begins (/AutoInstall) or WIHU exits (/AutoExit).


Edited by BenjaminKalytta

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Date: 30.08.2004: Version

  • Added "Secondary Logon" Service detection which is usefull if WIHU is called from within cmdlines.txt to prevent a user from installing software under secondary account which will fail at this state.

Date: 29.08.2004: Version

  • description.x key may also contain environment variables now. Example:
    WinVer=HKLM:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\CurrentVersion

    description.0=Windows Version %WinVer% specific things

Date: 28.08.2004: Version

  • bug in hidden=0|1/collapsed=0|1 was fixed.

Date: 27.08.2004: Version

  • Group (Option) Control behaviour was added in software selection control. For this purpose a new keyword Group.x=0|1 was added. This keyword can also be used at level 0. Example:
    [Test: Option-Group]
    command.0=cmd.exe /c @echo Option 0
    command.1=cmd.exe /c @echo Option 1
    command.2=cmd.exe /c @echo Option 2
    description.0=Option 0 (will be called in Windows XP by default)
    description.1=Option 1 (will be called in Windows 2000 by default)
    description.2=Option 2 (will be called in Windows 98 by default)
    key.0.0 = HKLM:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\CurrentVersion?=5.1
    key.1.0 = HKLM:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\CurrentVersion?=5.0
    key.2.0 = HKLM:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\CurrentVersion?=4.10

Date: 24.08.2004: Version

  • On Screen Display was added which shows the time left for user input before autoinstall/autoexit operation. This text is customizeable in [settings] section by specifying something like OsdText=%d seconds left

Date: 24.08.2004: Version 2.1 (final)

  • Existing user profile data (environment variables and shell folders) will be loaded now and may be modified within WIHU GUI.
  • Bug in %ThisProfile% and %ThisHome% was fixed. If user didn't specified profile.x or home.x in [users] section, %ThisProfile% and %ThisHome% if used in software installation sections were not initialized with correct paths.

Edited by BenjaminKalytta

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Date: 03.09.2004: Version

  • Fixed some bugs from
  • Added new ini [users] keyword deleted.x to delete existing user accounts.
  • Added new Password.x meaning. By default password.x will always reset user account password if not specified. To keep current password one have to specify password.x=*
  • To modify existing accounts from WIHU user interface just create a new account and type in the existing account name. After pressing "OK", new user will be initialized by current user settings like comment and full name etc. After that this account may be edited as usual.
  • User Context Menu "Remove Entry" was added which removed a specified entry from user account list. "Delete user account" will mark account as deleted only which is undoable by unchecking this menu item.

Date: 03.09.2004: Version

  • "Secondary Logon" Service isn't needed any more to modify new user account profile.
  • Old user account profile loading interface was replaced by a much more reliable one which isn't dependend on LogonUser any more.
  • Registry Key and Folder Security Attributes (NTFS Access Control Lists) settings were improved. This may moves arround certain file security (NTFS) concerned problems.

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Date: 05.09.2004: Version

  • Bug in User profile creation was fixed. Only ntuser.dat was taken from "Default User" profile directory.
  • Warning hint from was extended and will also be showed if a user got disabled.

Date: 05.09.2004: Version

  • Added warning hint if user tries to delete currently logged on user.

Date: 05.09.2004: Version

  • Many bugs were fixed
  • User Account Interface was improved.
  • Existing User Secletion dialog was added.

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Date: 21.09.2004: Version

  • Bug reported fixed in was still there. It is fixed in this version. Please note, meaning has changed:
    file?! returns true if the file doesn't exists yet
    file?= check for file existence otherwise

Date: 21.09.2004: Version

  • file.x.n didn't work as expected. Use file.x.n = filename?! for checking file existence and file.x.n = filename?= for file non existence

Date: 19.09.2004: Version

  • Many bugs were fixed.

Date: 18.09.2004: Version

  • command.x will not longer started directly. File extension will be used to read correpsonding shell\command\open from registry. It's not any longer necessary to prepend interpreters executable like msiexec.exe /i before actual command.
  • [users.operation] will no longer be supported.

Date: 11.09.2004: Version

  • Some bugs were fixed. %USERPROFILE% now points to correct path.

Date: 06.09.2004: Version

  • Warning hint from was extended and will also be showed during ini loading. If /autoexit or /autoinstall is specified this warning will be showed for 10 seconds and will close it selfs if nothing is selected during this timeout.
  • locked.x key was added to lock a software entry, i.e. preventing a user from select/unselect an item.
    To lock entire subtree just specify locked.x=1, inherit

Edited by BenjaminKalytta

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Date: 3rd October 2004: version

  • Fixed a bug in command.x.
  • Added ?size and ?date comperator.
  • SplitterPos bug is fixed now. Positioning works now in correct way.
  • Added new feature concerning [environment] section. key=filename?version will read out it's file version and store it in corresponding environment variable.
  • Fixed some bugs over version Restoring from minimized WIHU window causes software help panel to outspread entire WIHU window.
  • Keyword flags.x was added to set text formating style.
  • Fixed some bugs over version
  • Fixed some bugs over version
  • Fixed some bugs over version
  • Added defaulthelp=myfile.rtf in [settings] section
  • New keywords were added: help.x, disabled.x, test.x.n, test.eval.x (for details please take a look at example install.ini)
  • Help pane was added to software selection dialog (use help.x to specify .rtf files, use ANSI or UTF-8 only!)

Edited by BenjaminKalytta

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Date: 14th January 2005: version

  • Fixed bug in current user AutoLogon code

Date: 04th January 2005: version

  • Informative "About" Dialog was added.

Date: 03th January 2005: version

  • [users] Home keyword to set users profile default home path didn't work as excepted.

Date: 08th December 2004: version

  • Added /Group=Administrators|Users switch to set primary user group membership.
  • Added /DisableLoadMenu=0|1 switch to prevent users to load external ini files from within WIHU UI.

Date: 12th November 2004: version

  • Profile data wasn't handled correctly at T-12 during windows installation.

Date: 9th November 2004: version

  • Profile path wasn't detected correctly at T-12 stage of Windows Installation.
    Update: There is still a bug inside this code. Profile settings can't be changed because some registry hives can't be found at this stage. I'll find a solution, may be some registry keys in default user profile doesnt exists at this stage.

Date: 26th October 2004: version

  • "Abort" button was disabled.

Date: 23th October 2004: version

  • Added Process "Abort" Button + Button-Show Timeout.

Date: 22th October 2004: version

  • Various bugs were fixed.
  • /verbose = 2 isn't available any more.

Edited by BenjaminKalytta

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Date: 5th march 2005: version

  • Fixed bug in profile creation. Default profile wasn't copied properly to destination path.
  • helptext.x now can be 4000 characters long

Date: 27th January 2005: version

  • Fixed bug in shell folder creation.
  • Default user profile will be correct copied now (also shell folders)

Date: 24th January 2005: version

  • Added new environment variable %NEWCOMPUTERNAME%
  • Added new [settings] keyword ShellFolderModify.Hide
  • Added new [settings] keyword ShellFolderModify.Disallow

Date: 16th January 2005: version

  • Keywords key.x, file.x, key.comparison.x and file.comparison.x were removed
  • Added new syntax to allow setting text depending on test.eval.x result. if.true("text")

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8th April, 2005:

- Improved drive format feature.

11th April, 2005:

- wihu log code was completely revised, it's more informative now.

- fixed some bugs in shell folder interface implementation

14th June, 2005:

- fixed some bugs

- /HasGaps switch was added

Benjamin Kalytta

Edited by BenjaminKalytta

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13th August, 2005:

- Some bug fixes concerning conditional command parsing like in if.true("")

13th August, 2005:

- Fixed some bugs

- Added ShowOnWelcome.x keyword to show/hide user on welcome screen

Edited by BenjaminKalytta

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25th August, 2005:

- Fixed various bugs: ShellFolder specific, user loading specific

- USERPROFILE will now correctly set

26th August, 2005:

- Following environment variables are removed:

1. NewUserName (please use USERNAME instead)

2. NewComputerName (please use COMPUTERNAME instead)

3. NewUserPassword (please use USERPASSWORD instead)

- Following environment variable names changed:

1. NewWorkGroupName is now WorkGroupName

2. NewOwnerName is now OwnerName

3. NewOrgName is now OrgName

This 3 variables are now also defined if first setting page is skipped

- Fixes in Log-Output routines

Edited by BenjaminKalytta

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29th August, 2005:

- Many bugs were fixed especially concerning shell folder interface

- Volumen selection dialog were extended

- Warning dialog were added to warn about non default shell folders

- Specification like ShellFolderModify.Disallow = Recent, Startup, Templates, Start Menu is also possible now

- DontShowNonDefaultShellFolderWarning will enable/disable non default shell folder warning

29th August, 2005:

- Minor bugfixes. Some settings wasn't saved as "expandable string" in registry which causes Windows not to resolve the correct name after user account logon

- Empty shell folders of existing user accounts will no be initialized with default values

- Existing profiles: Copying of shellfolders after change now works

30th August, 2005:

- Minor bugfixes. [environment] Default shell folders wasn't applied to new user account in some circumstances

- Problem concerning existing user profiles shell folder copy is fixed.

26th September, 2005:

- Minor bug concerning Environment Variables at T-12 is fixed. %USERPROFILE% wasn't detected correctly.

- Added /NoAbort switch

Edited by BenjaminKalytta

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2nd November, 2005:

- Fixed bug in user creation: Passwort wasn't set after user was created

6th November, 2005:

- Fixed: User password expired wasn't set

- Fixed: User created in UI never got admin rights

Edited by BenjaminKalytta

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