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Folder based install list

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the_spide    0

I've already started implementing this (though the code on the wihu web site may be out of date) I just want some feedback on the idea ...

I thought that it would be good if WIHU could build the tree of applications to install at runtime (not hard coded in the INI file).

Here is my reasoning:

To make a small tree with only 2 applications (and 2 add-ons) like this:

.   [x] Main
.    \- [x] Common Applications
.        |- [x] Textpad 4.7.3
.        \- [x] Opera 7.23
.            |- [x] ASpell
.            \- [x] ASpell English Dictionary

Currently your install.ini would contain something like this:




description.0=Common Applications



description.0.0=TextPad 4.7.3

command.0.0=.\Applications\Textpad\txpeng473.exe /S /v/qn /Reboot=Suppress


description.0.1=Opera 7.53

command.0.1=.\Applications\Opera\ow32enen753.exe /s





description.0.1.1=ASpell English Dictionary



If your going to keep your install files in subdirectory why not keep the ini section needed to run the install file in the same folder... And use the existing hierarchy in the file system can be used to help build the tree... that way you can delete, add or rearrange applications in your

Install folder without having to keep the install.ini up to date..

So you could have your install.ini (with the users and environment etc) and have a small ini files located with each application.

With my change you could have files arranged like this:

  • \Install.ini
    Contains the normal users and environment configuration and a separate section to trigger search. eg:
    ; Search Sub folders for wihu.ini files

  • \Applications\wihu.ini
    Only the name for displaying in tree as a header eg:
    [Common Applications]

    Note: if this ini file was missing Textpad and Opera would be moved up the tree.
  • \Applications\Textpad\wihu.ini
    Contains just enough to specify install of textpad eg:
    description=TextPad 4.7.3
    command=txpeng473.exe /S /v/qn /Reboot=Suppress

  • \Applications\Opera\wihu.ini
    Contains just enough to specify install of opera and using the current nested syntax the spell checker and dictionary eg:
    description=Opera 7.53
    command=ow32enen753.exe /s
    command.0=Aspell-0-50-3-3-Setup.exe /silent
    description.1=ASpell English Dictionary
    command.1=Aspell-en-0.50-2-3.exe /silent

Soo.... What do you think?

Do you store installs in a tree of folders ? if so, how many folders/subfolders do you have ? (I need to get an idea of how much I would have to search)

Do you think you it would be good if you could move, delete, add or rename files in your install folder and not need to update the install.ini?

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