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Let's share the experience using winxp and what hardware req

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Let's share the experience using winxp.
What is your hardware settings for xp?

Epox 8KTA3+
HY133 -- 320M
Duron 800
ATI Radeon LE 32DDR
SB Live Digital

The startup speed of xp is as the same as that of win2000. Feeling faster when running prog. under xp.

Running 4 2 monthes, no crash down!

Most prog. are compiatable with xp, while some are not like AutoCAD.

Xp supports lots of hardware which are not supported by win2000. I got a Mircotek Slimscan C3 USB. It cannot be regonised by win2000 but accepted by xp. Great!!!

Bye for now, Until then!
To XP or not to XP, that is the question!

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PIII 1ghz OC@ 1200
CUSL2 Asus Motherboard !815 chipset
Elsa Ge-force 2 ultra
Santa cruz SC
512 Ram
Plextor CDRW
9 USB Ports
Intel Webcam
Creative DTT2500 soundworks speakers
Microsoft Sidewinder Pro
Visionneer 4400 usb scanner
Epson 777 printer
Standard Logitech keyboard and optical mouse (I have the wireless keyboard and mouse in box next to me but drivers for them arent out on logitech site yet)
Samsung SyncMaster 955df Monitor
IBM Deskstar 45 gig
Maxtor 40 gig
Kingston Ethernet card

XP has been ok....Only time XP has crashed was self done due to testing dozens of apps and games that have effect XP...So I just formatted and reinstalled.Eveything working ok.


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Duron 800
256MB Ram
Seagate 40 gig
Soundblaster PCI128
Asus V7700 Geforce 2 gts Deluxe
Plextor 8/4/32
Philips 4x DVD

Had win2k before, but then it mysteriously deleted boot.ini, and then explorer looped error, starting it over and over....

XP seems to run fine.

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Athlon 700
Golden Orb TermalTake Cooler
Asus K7V 266 FSB
512 MB Apache PC133
SB Live!
Asus GeForce 256 DeLuxe 32 MB ram
Aopen 10/40 DVD
Plextor 16/10/40A
IBM 75 GXP Deskstar 30 GB
IBM 75GXP Deskstar 40 GB
Adaptec AHA7850 SCSI Controller
Creative 3 webcam USB
Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro USB
Logitech MouseMan Wheel USB
Cambridge SoundWorks 4+1
Lexmark 3200 Printer
Philips Brilliance 19 Monitor
Realtek Ethernet 10/100

No problem at all.
30 sec from boot to desktop
XP used from beta 1, newer crashed.


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Processor: Pentium II 400MHz (Not Overclocked)
Memory: 192 MB PC100 SDRAM
DVD Drive: Toshiba 4.8x DVD-ROM Drive
CD Burner: Sony 8/4/32x CD Burner
Hard Drive 1: Western Digital 5400 RPM 4 GB
Hard Drive 2: Western Digital 5400 RPM 30 GB
Hard Drive Controller: Promise Ultra ATA66 Controller Card
Network Card: 3Com 3C900B
Video Card: NVidia TNT
Sound Card: Creative SoundBlaster Live MP3+
Operating System: Windows XP

please dont laugh :)




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Chipset: Intel I840
Processor: Dual P-III – 1 GHz
Memory: 512Mb
CD: Lite-On 48x Max
Hard Drive 1: Seagate ST318451LW – 18Gb - SCSI
Hard Drive 2: Seagate ST318451LW – 18Gb - SCSI
Hard Drive Controller 1: Adaptec AIC-7899 Ultra160
Hard Drive Controller 2: Adaptec AIC-7899 Ultra160
Network Card: 3Com 3C905B-TX
Video Card: Matrox Millennium G400 DualHead Max
Sound Card: Crystal Sound Fusion

Operating System: Windows2000/WindowsXP Professional



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Dual Pentium III (800 MHz)
Compaq/Intel 840 w/ 133MHz FSB
512 MB Crucial (ECC) PC133
Integrated Intel Audio
3D-Labs Oxygen GVX1 32MB
Sony CD-RW Drive
IBM 7500rpm Deskstar 30 GB
IBM 7500rpm Deskstar 30 GB
Microsoft Intellimouse Optical USB Mouse
Compaq Premier Sound PS 300 3P speakers with Sub
Xerox 4505 Laser
Compaq TFT 8000
Integrated Intel Pro/100+

Absolutely love XP - seems much more responsive than 2K which I used since beta 2. Been using XP since beta 2 as well - even the beta was better.:)