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I Need Help!

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BCOutdoors    0

First time ever on a talk site. I have a P II 333 with 128 ram. I run xp service pack 1 only with office xp, evedence eliminator, norton 2003 and regestry mechanic (All the other little programs). I have only used 2.5 Gig of my 4 Gig hard drive. Everything runs fine just slow (I have fast ADSL). No programs running, I am using %4 of my CPU and 110 MB RAM.

First I am *not* concerned about my security, what is the best antivirus to use that will scan my e-mails, etc and uses the least resorces.

Second there is a couple of processes I want to DELETE, not end temporarorly till the next boot up. How do I delete them?

Third how do I get rid of the virus Isass.exe?

Thankyou and if you know where elese I can post these questions please let me know. TYLER


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XtremeMaC    0

type services.msc and disable the processes and this will make sure that they won't run again on next boot. though i'd not mess with them unless u're sure of what u're doing, so checkout http://www.blackviper.com for services.

there is a service using lsass.exe that's not a virus. but i've seen isass.exe i think u're talking about that and i'd learn the name of the virus first then go to symantec's webpage to find specific tools to remove it

here's a couple of things u can do:

go get autoruns from http://www.sysinternals.com or use msconfig (i'd use autoruns) to delete the startup items (most viruses are run at startup)

then i'd go and delete those suspicious files. also if u have virus its more than likely that u have lots of spyware, so i'd search for spyware with at least 2-3 tools

then I WOULD BE concerned about my security. u wouldn't want to end up not being able to surf the net, or having your xp running at 100% slower. so yea start getting concerned about your security or else u might end up losing information, stuff getting deleted, more and more things!..(i know u're joking but still...)

i personally use norton corp edition for my virus needs :) and sygate personal firewall.. (but i also like zonealarm and mcafee firewalls, so i'm really undeciced which one to use)

and your computer is I think the limit of what xp should run on, so i'd say its okay for it to run slow.

since u're new, i'm going to suggest u nLite, which is a program that takes out unneccessary stuff from windows cd so they wont get installed. its a really easy program so don't be frightened by it. U should really use it since u've 4gb hdd. i'm guessing right now your xp takes about a 1.5gb of your hdd and with nlite that can go down to 500-700mb,

U can see the nlite forum from the main forum page (u should learn how to navigate so i'm not giving u the link)

having said that u should really look at what kind of TITLE the forums have. this forum u've posted is called "THE POLL CENTER" and unless i'm mistaken (by far) this post of yours is not a poll :D...

and if u're looking for a already made poll on which antitivus is better checkout the software hangout and poll center forums...

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