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HFSLIP (original thread)

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@FDV: Can you please explain why these files are in FIX?:

The files in your FIX folder -







...and shouldn't the .ax files be in the expert codecs folder?

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I thought I would try out this app, just to see how well it works etc. but I'm a little lost.

People on this board are talking about directories which don't exist by default.

Where is the documentation on those?

I have an MSI which I would like to add, but where do I put it?

I tried the HFSVPK directory, and it was added to the service pack folder, but it wasn't added to the svcpack.inf file. It therefore will not run!

The msi contains only a few files which I think will be installed to a certain location, and registered probably with registry settings added too. The msi suggests it was made with wise 3.51 installer if that helps any.

Is there a particular order in which the svcpack.inf entries are added?

I want an exe to be installed prior to the cmd file containing its tweaks etc.

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TAiN, those are TommyP's and I believe he had them there just as part of a test build he was making. I have corrected this list to what he told me he actually uses.

Yzöwl - see the first post.




Kapo - kb892130 is gone from microsoft's site because they replaced it with 898588.

Edited by fdv

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The first page is for Windows 2000 sp5, I'm using it for XP

I have read http://www.vorck.com/hfslip.html though! Those secret folders and including msi files are not explained.

HFSVPK does, when you run the slipstream, the contents of that folder are looked at and relevant entries are written to svcpack.inf, compressed to svcpack.in_ and added to I386.


From HFSLIP_50928.cmd:



It is therefore only looking for exe and cmd files in that folder, so where do I put my inf reg vbs and msi files?


Edited by Yzöwl

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When you run the script in a folder there are a few new sub-folders appear in the main folder where you place hot-fixes and additional files (you certainly found it already, sorry for explaining this, just in case).

Not sure if your MSI installer could be placed in any HFSLIP folder:

FDVFILES folder is for fdv's IE-removal files.

FIX folder for your customize files or files you want to replace in the source (like notepad.ex_, winnt.sif, ntdetect.com and ntldr for w2k).

HF folder is for hot fixes only (!).

HFCABS folder is for DirectX and IE6 cabs (you can also place LegitCheckControl.cab there).

HFSVPK folder is for .cmd files, inf files, .reg files and silent switchless snstallers (only .cmd and .exe files are ran from svcpack.inf! .inf and .reg files are ran through a newly created HFSLIP.CMD that you can find in SVCPACK folder after slipstreaming).

HFSVPK_SW folder is for programs with a /Q:A /R:N silent switch.

MSIEXT folder is for a msi-extractor tool.

SOURCE folder is for the distributive.

So there is no folder to place your own MSI file.

I have one MSI installer in my installation that I run through a .cmd file (this .cmd file can be ran from cmdlines.txt or placed in HFSVPK). It istalls good with /qn Reboot=Suppress switch.

I personally use HFSLIP to slipstream hot-fixes, DirectX and (theoretically because I don't ;) IE6 (Windows 2000 here). I aslo slipstream all my tweaks and install all my appz with an .inf file and a .cmd file placed in HFSVPK (this way I don't need OEM folder and even winnt.sif - just theoretically because I use it in fact :) And they are easier to manage if you have all of them in separate file that you can edit any moment AFTER slipstreaming (For example, you don't like a program and you can just delete it from appz.cmd and no need to uncab svcpack.in_, edit it and cab it again. And you can specify any swich for a program in appz.cmd too).

I hope you like the scipt and the result you get after running it ;) I sincerely hope on this because your knowlege and experience in batch-cripting is well-known in this forum and may be usefull for all users :)

Edited by Oleg_II

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Yzöwl, didn't know you gots the xp. you're right , MSI instructions are not in there. sorry about that. i'll clarify this with TP. in 2k, they go into the HF folder, and you use the MSICabExtract.exe file; this is the first time this MSI issue has come up in connection with 2k3/xp and this needs to be answered so i'll document that when TP tells me what's up.

as for svcpack.in_, that's right too, i was misremembering, i'll edit my post to prevent confusion. ok i'll admit it's been a long time since i've looked at the code :P

a few folks have PMs from me, check your inboxes.

Edited by fdv

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To clarify, if you have an MSI type hotfix, you place the update into the HF folder and you need to fill the MSIEXT folder with the msi-extractor tool. The tool is a relatively small, and is totally harmless even if you don't have any MSI type hotfixes. Personally, I just leave that tool in that folder and leave it. If HFSLIP needs it, then it's used. But, if HFSLIP calls it and you decided to not have it there, don't cry to me saying HFSLIP doesn't work. :)

@FDV, "didn't know you gots the xp" That's f-n funny! You made it sound like a disease!

@Oleg_II - Thanks for your help. Greatly appreciate it.

@TAin - In the event that we get our own forum, I'll post directions on how to slipstream lots of codecs into the source.

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Wait...what I said was, I will use my computer at work to build the directory (ies) and then take it home on a CD or DVD, thereby eliminatiing the need to install the OS first at home, only to reinstall without all the junk. Then I was talking about what a pleasure it will be to spend my last ten days on the job goofing off rather than doing an honest day. I can't see what the "insult" was, right down to the smiley. Saug, what the hell are you talking about?!

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ratba_tardly: use hfslip to slipstream something into the source. but if you talk about "reinstall without all the junk" you should perhaps look for nlite?

you talk about one additional reinstall. try to imagine, how many installations tommyp and fdv made while developing hfslip.

and try to imagine, how many installations everyone made while understanding and testing hfslip.



Edited by murvun

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Supporting HFSLIP (if you want to -- no offense taken if you don't put this in your sig!)

Put this in your signature of your profile to add an "HFSLIP" icon to the bottom of your posts.


It's small and unobtrusive. Let's get word out about this new forum for October. In November I'll probably take the graphic down. You'd be surprised how much a simple logo eats up in bandwidth, being reloaded constantly :blink:

Again, it's strictly for those who want to -- nothing personal if you don't... :D

But if you don't, HFSLIP will just turn off your refridgerator via TCP/IP and let your girlfriend's Hagen-Daazs go all melty...

Edited by fdv

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FOR /F %%I IN ('FINDSTR /I /B Localization !SRC!\i386\PRODSPEC.INI') DO SET %%I

IF "!Localization!"=="Arabic" SET LG=AR ARA

IF "!Localization!"=="Chinese(Taiwan)" SET LG=CHT


IF "!Localization!"=="Simplified Chinese" SET LG=CHS ZHCN ZH ZH-CN

IF "!Localization!"=="Chinese(PRC)" SET LG=CHS ZHCN ZH ZH-CN

IF "!Localization!"=="Czech" SET LG=CZ CZE

IF "!Localization!"=="Dansk" SET LG=DA DAN

IF "!Localization!"=="German" SET LG=DE DEU

IF "!Localization!"=="???????" SET LG=EL ELL

IF "!Localization!"=="English" SET LG=EN ENU

IF "!Localization!"=="ESPANISH" SET LG=ES ESP

IF "!Localization!"=="Finnish" SET LG=FI FIN

IF "!Localization!"=="French" SET LG=FR FRA

IF "!Localization!"=="Hebrew" SET LG=HE HEB IW

IF "!Localization!"=="Hungarian" SET LG=HU HUN

IF "!Localization!"=="Italian" SET LG=IT ITA

IF "!Localization!"=="JAPANESE" SET LG=JA JAP NEC

IF "!Localization!"=="KOREAN" SET LG=KO KOR

IF "!Localization!"=="Dutch" SET LG=NL NLD

IF "!Localization!"=="Norwegian" SET LG=NO NOR NB NN

IF "!Localization!"=="Polski" SET LG=PL PLK

IF "!Localization!"=="Portuguese" SET LG=PT PTG

IF "!Localization!"=="Portuguese(Brasil)" SET LG=PT-BR PTB PTBR

IF "!Localization!"=="Russian" SET LG=RU RUS

IF "!Localization!"=="Swedish" SET LG=SV SVE

IF "!Localization!"=="TURKISH" SET LG=TR TRK


FOR %%S IN (%LG%) DO (




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This topic is too long and is closed.

Please feel free to open new topic in HFSLIP forum.


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