The Best Company?

What is the best company in the world?   56 members have voted

  1. 1. What is the best company in the world?

    • Microsoft
    • Sony
    • Intel
    • Panasonic
    • Apple
    • HP
    • Other

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I would say Toshiba, but then I think of all the cheap Panasonic equipment I had forever without kicking the bucket...microwaves, TVs, you name it.

But that's irrelevant now -- Panasonic and Toshiba have merged! Fantasyland! Perhaps now Toshiba will become more consistent with their laptops (I've got one of the "great models").


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There are several very good companies that have added MUCH to the world of computers and printers, which do not show up on the poll.

But, out of the ones that did make it......I chose Panasonic.

I'm a factory trained Panasonic printer tech and I know and love those printers. They also make the only Bullet Proof laptop. (well, almost bullet proof.)

If Epson were on the poll, I would have given it at least a 50% vote. Their hardware (Printers) are as good as any other but their Software is far superior to, say HP (which puts out some horrible software/drivers)

Oh, and I'm also a factory trained Epson tech. :angel

I have five printers in my house and they are all Epson, three with scanners and two without. :thumbup

Cheers Mates!



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