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WPI Cosmetics

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so i understand the following from your post


Please understand the following:

the number of Apps displayed in one column is computed. for that, i use the sum of category-headlines and previous apps. for each resolution, the calculation changes. each application has its height, and each headline does. if the sum + heoght of the 'current' app won't fit, then there's a 'column break'.

If you put <br>'s into your program definitions, the app's height changes, but i still use the same calculation as i'd use for a single-line app. so the column grows too big - and there's your problem.

Sure i could recode the rendering. but that's a hard job to do for a 'single user change request'. It'll take some time ... right now I'm working on the 'installation order' bugs, which I can't really recreate on my WPI !?!

so it's not easy to change the code for the calculation.. i undestand that.. (BTW really appreciate the help and programming you do.) how would i change your calculation of the height so that the # of lines that you have predetermined in the code is 1/2 so instead of 20 apps per column its 10 for example???


PS been trying to find the line of code that changes the clock colour in common/main.js and i can't find it where is it?


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look at boxes.js, line 85 and 96

if ( (winheight == 600) && ((pi+cats)>=(col*19))) { ...


if ( (winheight >= 768) && ((pi+cats)>=(col*(winheight/30.72)))) {

experiment with the hardcoded values.


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