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List of Input Locale Codec

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argon007    0

I made this list because the list which was provided by Microsoft was too complex.. so I cleaned up the webpage of Microsoft..

If you want to look up the codecs, please download or open the attachment.

so... if you want to add more inputs than one, this is a useful tools for you.

I am so tired now because I have cleaned up the list from Microsoft..

You must add the codec in the [RegionalSettings] of Winnt.sif.

like for my computer:


Did you see the InputLocale? that is what you must add codec in.

InputLocale_DefaultUser must be one input..

because that is just a rule.


What does these codec for my computer tell?

It tell the setup to install the Traditional Chinese (Phonetic Notaions), Japanese, Korean, Canadian French, Canadian English, US English and set Canadian English as default on my computer.

What PRO?

Save your installation time.

What CON?

You must look up the codec of input when you don't know what codec is matched as the language.

OK.....Please reply if you think it is good for you.

Please refer to Microsoft webpage:



forget to say....

when it is marked (*) then it means it will come out in Windows XP SP2.

It does not work in Windows 2000 family, Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP without SP2 (Windows XP SP1a, SP1 and Without SP.)


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Takeshi    0

The locale IDs for CJK language IMEs are quite complicated and the M$ list is far from complete.

The IMEs (Input Method Editors) are methods using a sequence of keys on the keyboard to type to input a character. They do not necessarily represent different written languages. Thus Phonetic and ChangJie are two different IMEs to input the same Chinese Traditional text.

To classify ChT/ChS under Taiwan, HK, PRC etc is also far from satisfactory. Broadly speaking, PRC uses ChS (0804). HK commonly follows what is available under Taiwan (ChT, 0404) rather than what is available under HK.

This is what I have discovered: it tells you what code stands for which IME.

ChT = Chinese (Traditional)

ChS = Chinese (Simplified)

   0411:00000411 Japanese
   0411:E0010411 Japanese Input System MS-IME 2002
   0412:E0010412 Korean IME 2000
   0412:00000412 Korean
   0404:00000404 ChT US Keyboard
   0804:00000804 ChS US Keyboard
   0404:E0010404 ChT Phonetic
   0804:E0010804 ChS QuanPin
   0404:E0020404 ChT ChangJie
   0804:E0020804 ChS ShuangPin
   0404:E0030404 ChT Quick
   0804:E0030804 ChS ZhengMa
   0404:E0040404 ChT Big5
   0404:E0050404 ChT Array
   0804:E0050804 ChS NeiMa
   0404:E0060404 ChT DaYi
   0404:E0070404 ChT Unicode
   0404:e0080404 ChT Microsoft New Phonetic
   0404:e0090404 ChT Microsoft New ChangJie
   0804:E00E0804 ChS Microsoft PinYin
   0404:E01F0404 ChT Alphanumeric

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inam    0


Please help me.

I want dual languages to be set automatically in my Xp Unattained setup, Default Lang and Layout English-US and 2nd one URDU-URDU. In which files i should make changes and what should i change?

Please guide me with necessary details.

Best regards,


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