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Adding More me Files?

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Tihiy    226


I recommed using 2nd method because it also changes:

Web View

Document Promerties

My Documents

Thumbnail View

and etc., it's official and 100% no risky.

You should delete shdoc401.dll&shd401lc.dll *ONLY* if you have installed Me shell. 98 shell depends on it!!!

Edit:also, to supress errors during 2nd method - extract ATL.DLL from Me to \system directory first.

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unosys    0


Can you explain a little more about the second method. I can't get it working. I did change [Millshell_Inst] to [DefaultInstall]. But when i right click & select install nothing happens. Am i doing something wrong here?

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Tihiy    226


SystemFiles          = 11

MusicSysFiles  = 11

WinFiles                = 25

MSINF                = 17

Inf.DelFiles            = 17

[Millshell_Inst] - change it to [DefaultInstall]

Hm. I don't know. Works for me. Watch spelling&be sure to extract layout.inf,layout1.inf&layout2.inf from cab.

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Ok-- finally worked: the trick was editing that second Millshell-- not the first one!

Everything is much faster-- really: both OS interface, browsing / page loads....

BBBBUUUUTTTTTT............... one very bad thing:

startup--- the desktop takes forever to refresh; the icons all appear at once, but then they glacially change over from the generic windows........ I do btw, have max icon, folder, patch cache settings enabled.

Correction: i did before have the shdoc401 dll's, and the reason they had a folder icon is because i'd applied a reg patch so that they'd show their embedded icons... i think it was an MDGx tip.

I would recommend the shell change to everyone-- be sure to extract those inf files to that same winme directory. I can put up w/ the slow load at startup-- though hopefully there's a fix for it.

I took a great risk by not cloning windows-- if something happens, MDGx says win98 wouldn't install to that same directory.... but i had faith in Tihiy run this app w/ the following switch : xxcopy32 /clone http://www.xxcopy.com/index.htm

Good show, Tihiy!!!

Go for it, everyone!!!!!!

OH, i used copylock to replace the relevant files & delete the needed ones all at once: http://noeld.com/programs.asp?cat=misc and X-teq Com Register Ex to register the other everythign all at once too: http://www.xteq.com/downloads/xq-comregisterex.zip

DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1. already-stated glacial desktop load at startup

2. my computer shows no web folders, though gmail drive is there...

3. cd drive labeled "compact disc"


a ton of them:

explorer's different settings are much improved.....

everything is much faster....

here's an improvement over 98:

I personally always chafed under the 15 max recent doc shortcuts in start/documents-- now you can set that # to as much as you wish:

for current user only:



for everyone:



if there isn't already a value called: MaxRecentDocs create a new DWord value with that name & exact spelling(you can copy/paste) & whatever number you wish. ..you can even use this to shorten the number shown(default is 15) or eliminate them altogether! And do yourself a favor, do it with this app(you'll see why): http://www.vsft.com/regexp/

If you have X-Setup you can perform this from within it as well.

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unosys    0

Here we go again..

I updated all the files inside SYSTEM32/DRIVERS with the newer Me one's. I don't have any problems. So i guess u guys can safely try this at home!.

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Hm, don't have 98 system now, so try this in virtual system or make backups of everything!

1) Please make sure you have at least IE 5.5 installed.

2) Now, get these files from ME:




3) Run regsvr32 /u shdoc401.dll

3.5) Run regsvr32 /u shell32.dll

4) Exit to MS-DOS, delete shdoc401.dll & shd401lc.dll (from \system)

5) Replace explorer.exe in \windows, shell&comdlg32 in \system

6) Run windows

there are 3 ways:

(1): show taskbar&hangs - make "shell=command.com" in system.ini; proceed (3)

(2): show nothing&crash - oops! roll back everything! my fault!

(3): works great or almost no errors: run regsvr32 /i shell32.dll; reboot&let shell=explorer.exe if you've changed it.

if there are errors, try to run regsvr32 /i shdocvw.dll, regsvr32 /i browseui.dll ...

hope this helps to great pack.

After following these instructions, I have WinME shell/explorer. The system speed has increased. I going to play with this for a while and report back. I did notice crap cleaner is broken. And, becuase I use IE 5.5 core files, the system has great stability :w00t: Edited by PROBLEMCHYLD

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