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Ms Office 2003 Ste

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I am working on trying to setup a completely unattended install of windows, office, etc. the problem i am having is that i have the Retail office 2003 STE, which will not allow administrative installation points, not quiet installs. Does anyone know of a way around this? I saw a reference that there was one, but i have spent 5 hours reading the forums, and could not find hide nor hair of it. Thanks in advance!

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with a little bit of help from elsewhere, i was able to solve my own problem, and also to fix a few others for those who would like the info, here it is. In advance though, this is most likely violating the EULA

i did this in orca, if you need it look here
The First step is to install Orca, then to open up the MSI for your version of Office. Mine was STE.

follow these instructions to allow Administrative Install Points
Once inside, do a search for 'SLASH_A'
everytime except in the Properties section, where there is a 'SLASH_A = ' binary value, swap it for it's opposite (1 for 0, 0 for 1)

for allowing Quiet Mode installs, the instructions are the same, except for 2 things:
1) IT's SLASH_Q instead of SLASH_A
2) It checks twice for quite mode permissions. for the UI LEVEL option, either reverse the greater for Lesser than (or vice versa), or just delete that whole section out of the key

Ex. 'UILevel < 5 AND SLASH_Q=0' would become either
'UILevel > 5 AND SLASH_Q=1'

To allow Transforms, you need to do the same thing to the CIWSUPP Option. There is also a CMWSUPP that I do not know what it does, but did the same to also.

Hope this will be helpful to someone else, any questions or comments, please let me know



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office2k3 install - remove restrictions from STE

Hoping this helps....

Oops, posted too late - saw you already found a solution.
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Althought this post has been inactive for a while its been of invaluable assistance

I thought i would just maybe try to add a bit more info if for any future use;

the CIWSUPP is probably

Custom Installation Wizard SUPPort
hense the reason why this table entry in the msi would need to be set in order to support mst transforms

and the CMWSUPP is probably

Custom Maintenance Wizard SUPPort

which are modifications done after the installation

A big thanks to ender51282 for this information!