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XML sample

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Well, since Wraith has pushed the installation files back in his magic box during all those dumb... whatevers, i had the time to update and find out the changes in the latest XPlode.

For reference, easy programming AND to show what a nice tool it is (what some people are missing now), i make mine available here for use.

Open it up with Notepad, and it's all there.

I use the XplodeGFXInstall, wich means transparant.

It runs from GuiRunOnce WITH logging to see if there were errors during install.

The log file will end up in C:\

"%systemdrive%\Postinstall\XPlode\XPlode.exe /log:#Systemdrive#\XPlode.log"

My xplode dir + xml sheet are on my XPCD in: $OEM$\$1\Postinstall\XPlode

And a nice sample how it looks:


Notice the transparancy! The XPlode folder on my destop comes right through it.

That is why it it looks so very nice in my opinion, during GuiRunonce there is absolutely nothing there except XPlode doing his job!

Use or look at it, either way, my thnx goes to Wraith with this!!

(uhmm the image is a bit .. not so.. nevermind.) :}

And nobody tells me i forgot to attach my XML... :blushing:


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