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Parser Error Message

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i have edited shell32.dll, explorer.exe , msgina.dll, logonui.exe and alot of other .dll, .exe, .cpl and .ocx files as per MSFN forums' prescription in various threads. i also use ryanvm's sfc_os.dll, themeui.dll and uxtheme.dll files(all patched and on numerous earlier cases installed smoothly as i used modifype and makecab method to modify and compress files). but recently, after tweaking shell32.dll and explorer.exe and also msgina.dll a further to change a few icons , my unattended xp cd installs smoothly, but before WPI starts, on first boot i get this error message:

Parser Error Message:

Value Creation failed at line:608

i have to "OK" this message box for 6 to 7 times in order to get full GUI and then WPI commences.

alternatively, if i press Ctrl+Alt+Del when this message window 1st appears, then full GUI with taskbar and all icons and set wallpaper appears in no time, and afterwards behave as if nothing happened.

From wpi i have the option to edit registry to stop boot-time Pop-up error message appearance and if it is selected then from next boot, after wpi installation and cleanup.cmd run, no error message appears thereafter.

in which file is this error residing at line 608 and how to rectify it?

my shell32.dll at present stands at 27.9 MB with all of my icon and bmp tweaks. i am in no mood to change back to 7.99 MB default Sp2 shell32.dll file.

please help with advice.

For troubleshooting, i started with original SP2 "i386" folder and other Windows xp bootable CD files keeping other factors like $OEM$ folder and WPI(all files same) structure constant as before and this composition doesn't generate any Parser Error message.

I guess the problem is related to some Windows GUI files or Windows Theme.

But, can't be sure, Please Help!

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