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How to boot from LAN?

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Hi everyone

i want to know how to boot from LAN, i had try to boot from LAN but not success... What configuration i need to do or need???? Thanks :)



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from what I googled, it seems that

A- you would need a machine specific image located on a server

B- a NIC that supports booting from LAN (most new ones don't anymore)

C- at least a Gigabit network, but even then, loading XP would probably take more time than it would be worth.

D- a lot of time to devote to setting it up as it seems no websites I was able to find had how-to's. It was generally done back in the day when 100MB hard drives were $500

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You need what is called ethernet booting or PXE booting.

You will need a DHCP/PXE SERVER in the lan.

Almost ALL nic's have the socket to put a ROM, most of the newish motherboard already have it integrated.

See here:





If you are not talking about diskless workstations, you can do it with a floppy or hard disk:


Search with google for PXE booting or PXE boot and will find the needed info.



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